Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 5 Recap

We're Finally Playing Some Survivor

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 23, 2015

Worst. Mastermind. Ever.

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And with that, we get another early episode Probst Sighting!!! White Collar and No Collar are getting their first look at the new Blue Collar tribe - and also getting their last look at the Blue Collar tribe. "Drop your buffs!" As we head to break, Sierra tells us how thrilled she is for the swap and how the rest of her tribe is dead to her.

So, we come back as everyone drops their buffs. Jeff lets us know that the yellow tribe is done. There will only be the blue tribe, Escameca and the red tribe, Nagarote. Now I have to learn tribe names, dammit. Everyone draws buffs and the new tribes are like this:

Escameca (Blue): Mike (BC), Dan (BC), Rodney (BC), Sierra (BC), Tyler (WC), Joaquin (WC) and Joe (NC).

Nagarote (Red): Jenn (NC), Hali (NC), Will (NC), Max (WC), Shirin (WC), Carolyn (WC) and Kelly (BC)


And for anyone reading this, if you don't see the problem almost immediately, I'll spell it out. I'm not sure there's any way these tribes could have been split up any more unfairly. I get it. Life's not fair, especially in Survivor. However, by taking the three best challenge performers from the other two tribes and putting them with the Blue Collars, they have created what could be a monster tribe that never loses another challenge. Sure, anything can happen, but these tribes are SO unbalanced, it makes the challenges in this episode rather painful to watch.

When re-dividing tribes, I don't think it's too much to ask to at least try to keep the competitive balance in the game. Maybe have a men's buff plate and a women's buff plate, so each tribe can at least have a matching amount of boys and girls - especially considering that production seems to have escalated the challenges this year and strength seems to be a commodity. Sierra is devastated to be stuck with most of her tribe, whom she considers to be bad people. But she plans to make some alliances with the new guys. Not surprisingly, Kelly is a little freaked out being the lone Blue Collar on her tribe.

But forget all that for now, we have a reward challenge to play. Today we're playing an old Survivor favorite - the same challenge that knocked out JT's tooth in Tocantins. One person for each tribe will launch balls out into a playing field while the others will try to catch them in over-sized lacrosse baskets. First tribe to catch five balls, of either color, wins reward. The reward this time is a full kitchen set, including spices and sausages. Since the White Collar beach will have no tribe, any rewards won by White Collar will also go to the winning tribe.

To start off, Nagarote scores the first point. After that; Joe, Mike and Joaquin pretty well take over and win the challenge 5-2 - only because Will caught a second ball as Mike caught the game winner. Seriously, the outcome of this challenge was never in question. As we head to break, Carolyn tells us how excited SHE was for the swap, and then she sees that she ended up staying on a tribe with Max and Shirin. "What is this, are the Survivor Gods trying to kill me?"

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