Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 12

Rustle Feathers

By Ben Willoughby

December 5, 2013

At least he'll always be remembered as a hard worker.

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Previously on Survivor, there were no sentimental attachments or Survivor obstacles left to get in the way of cut-throat gameplay. “Caleb and Hayden saw a chance to blind-side Tyson,” but Ciera informed on their plans and Tyson was “ready to fight fire with fire.” At Tribal Council, Tyson ensured his safety by playing his hidden immunity idol, but he turned out not to need it as Ciera stuck with him along with Gervase and Monica, and Caleb was sent home. Six are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

“That was fun,” Hayden says sarcastically as he arrives back from Tribal Council on Night 29. He congratulates Tyson on a great move, and in interview says “Kat would say ‘touché.'” That’s right, she would say that. Hayden would prefer to stick to calling them “sons of... ... ... guns."

Then Hayden announces to the whole camp that “I hope everyone here likes second place, because if Tyson goes to the end, he’s winning."

Gervase is quick to pop up. “Tyson can’t do nothing if it wasn’t for me!” and “I got my hand on his back?” He has a huge smile while he’s saying this.

“Hey, why you gotta throw me under the bus like that, dude?” asks Tyson, who is also smiling. It’s the same “joking around but really, we mean it” stuff that they did with Aras right after the merge. And in interview, Tyson says he didn’t really like Hayden calling him out.


Tyson then interviews that he regrets playing his idol last night because it leaves him defenseless, but he says he trusts his alliance enough. Of course, if he trusted his alliance 30 minutes ago, he’d still have his idol. The four of them get together and agree that the next vote will be for Hayden, or if he wins immunity, Katie.

Redemption Island. In come Tina, Laura? and Caleb. Probst quickly points out that Caleb doesn’t look at the remaining players. Caleb says that he still likes Hayden and Katie, but “a man’s word is a man’s word, in the South it means something, and in the game of Survivor and Utah and Philly it does not mean as much." That’s disappointingly self-serving from Caleb. Once your plans to vote someone out are made public, all future handshake deals with that person are null and void.

After the credits, Probst explains for the slow viewers that Utah means Tyson and Philly means Gervase. But Gervase’s response is “we made a bond with Caleb and Hayden, and from what I heard they tried to do us dirty first… That’s sore loser status there!”

Anyway, time to explain the challenge. Each challenger has 150 tiles which they have to assemble into a house of cards at least eight feet high, or as high as you can after 30 minutes. Because who wants to sit in the hot sun all afternoon watching idiots stack tiles? Not Probst. Also, there’s an idol clue for whoever wins to hand out.

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