Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 12

Rustle Feathers

By Ben Willoughby

December 5, 2013

At least he'll always be remembered as a hard worker.

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In the voting booth, Gervase gives his vote-for-Haydone message so everyone can hear it. “Don’t hate the players homie, hate the game. This isn’t Big Brother, this is Survivor! We do things different here. You’re about to get a lesson in how to play the game!”

Tyson whispers to Ciera “Stick with me and Monica; we can do this.” Then he says while voting for Hayden “Never tell an insane person they're going home next.” Ciera hesitates over her vote. No one plays a hidden immunity idol.

When Probst “tallies”, the votes are for Haydone, Hayden, Monica, Monica, Hayden and Monica. We have a tie! “What are you doing?” Tyson whispers to Ciera. Probst explains the re-vote, which is that Monica and Hayden cannot vote and everyone else can only vote for Hayden or Monica.

Everyone votes and Probst “tallies”. Ciera has a huge grin on her face as she votes this time, but the “tally” has not changed. Monica, Hayden, Monica, Hayden. There’s a deadlock, and the jury is very excited.

Probst explains the next set of rules. If Katie, Monica, Tyson and Gervase can unanimously come up with one name to vote for, that person’s torch is getting snuffed. If not, Hayden and Monica are safe, as is Gervase because he won immunity (which is a different rule from the past) and they’ll draw rocks to determine who gets voted out.

There’s some discussion where Ciera says “I’m #4. Don’t bulls--- me” and Monica says “How can you say that?” while Gervase says “Then cool, let’s draw rocks!”, even though – or probably because - he won’t be drawing any.


Probst gets the bag of rocks, and explains that the white rock means that you are out while the black rock means you are safe. They all take a rock out of the bag, hold out their palm and reveal. Katie has drawn the white rock, and is the 13th person out of the game.

Tyson asks Katie if she wants a hug. He says “dangerous move, ballsy, didn’t think you had the balls to do that,” then whispers “that’s your chair over there." That was unnecessary. Tyson’s really pushing for those jury votes!

“Don’t glare at me,” Ciera tells Tyson, Tyson denies glaring.

Probst sends them packing by saying, “no words can top what just happened.” Well, certainly no words from Probst, who couldn’t think of anything to say about Caleb after 30 days other than his work ethic and how awful Caleb’s boyfriend is.

On the way out, Hayden forgets his torch, and Tyson calls him back. “I need that, don’t I?”

“If you want it.”

That was a fun Tribal Council, but it was also a huge mess. I have no idea what was up with Gervase saying over and over, unprompted, that Ciera was the fourth person in their alliance. Her flipping worked out well for him because now everyone knows they cannot trust her in the game and he, Tyson and Monica should form a tighter three.

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