Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 12

Rustle Feathers

By Ben Willoughby

December 5, 2013

At least he'll always be remembered as a hard worker.

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Tyson, Monica, Ciera and Gervase scramble to look for the idol and Hayden and Katie decide to go spy on them. They see everyone hunting, and Hayden says that the idol is his last hope so he has to look too. “This is stupid,” he says as the camera pans up to the idol’s location.

Tyson also feels he has to find the idol, and in a different interview he talks about how he is seen as the #1 threat and tearfully admits that he feels he has to get to the end, because it’s the only way it would be worth having kept his spot and not taking Rachel’s place on Redemption Island. “I feel so close, and I feel it’s getting pulled away from me.” Man, that is some hero edit.

Obviously, Tyson goes climbing a tree, and “Boom!” he finds the idol. He tucks it into his crotch because he has no pockets, and “nobody will suspect a bulge.” Is Tyson walking around camp with an erection? “Don’t mind me! I’m just trying to walk off a situation!” Tyson claims that he will keep it to himself, and that he’s earned a nap.

Looking at the gameplay, I don’t think Ciera had much choice in sharing the clue after deciding to keep it. She is in an alliance with three returning players, she is not entirely trusted, and if she were to go idol-hunting on her own it would look super-sketchy to the other three. Her best option probably was to share it with the group and “prove her loyalty.” Of course, in Survivor “proving loyalty” also means “proving sucker-hood” as now Tyson has found the idol and at this late stage in the game, is probably not going to use it for the group’s benefit.


Meanwhile, Hayden is connecting with Gervase. “Where’s your head at, bro?”

“In the game, as always,” replies Gervase. Hayden talks about getting rid of Tyson, but Gervase says “I don’t see a move, tell me a move.” Hayden suggests that he could get Ciera on-side and Gervase says “but you gotta get Ciera.” In interview, Gervase says he doesn’t really trust Hayden, but he still wants options in the game.

After the break it’s Day 32, so we’ve missed a whole day once again. Probst sighting! “You guys ready to get to today’s immunity challenge?” The castaways will have to race through an obstacle while balancing a ball on a pole. At each section of the course they will add a length of pole, making the ball harder to balance. Drop the ball and you go back to the beginning of the section and start again. When they’re done with the course, the ball will release a key which will open a box which contains sandbags which they will throw at bamboo targets. First to get all nine targets on the ground, wins.

And we’re playing for immunity and reward – an afternoon of ice cream. There’ll be a cart brought around to camp so the unpopular losers have something to look at. And while everyone else is scrambling, you’ll have “a belly full of ice cream,” which is probably not the best feeling on Day 32.

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