Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 12

Rustle Feathers

By Ben Willoughby

December 5, 2013

At least he'll always be remembered as a hard worker.

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Then Hayden, Ciera and Gervase are sitting at camp and Hayden is pushing the “you do not want second place” motif again. His plan is Tyson tonight, then Katie next week.

“I think I can beat Tyson, because he’s committed the same crimes that I have,” says Gervase.

“Yes, but he’s played the game,” says Hayden. Ciera says she agrees with Gervase, because she feels her biggest threat is Katie. “Second place is the first loser,” pressures Hayden. Hayden admits in interview that he is getting nowhere. “I don’t like to lose. I am the worst loser.”

A little later, Monica and Katie are sitting there Hayden sees that Tyson is watching. He says “I’m trying to get everybody to blind-side you, but it’s not working.”

“Good,” says Tyson. He knows Hayden is playing the game, but “that’s the way it goes”. Then Hayden gives a voice-over about how he’ll be going to Tribal Council guns blazing and maybe it might not be him.


Tribal Council. In comes the jury. Probst begins by pointing out the clear division at last week’s Tribal Council and asks if it is still Tyson-Gervase-Monica-Ciera against Hayden-Katie. Hayden says it’s still that way and the four are “being controlled by Tyson.” Ciera says that Hayden is thinking what he wants to think and she is comfortable, but Probst points out that Ciera was not chosen to go on reward. Ciera says she didn’t take offense because she’s had a lot of food rewards. Of course, so has Tyson.

Then Gervase, completely unprompted (and maybe due to some shady editing) decides to point out that Monica and Tyson are original Galang, just like him, and they’ve shed the same blood, sweat and tears for 32 days. Ciera doesn’t need Probst to explain that it doesn’t sound good for her, but he does anyway. Ciera juts her jaw.

Probst points out the opportunity to Hayden, who repeats that Tyson is controlling his people and he picks who goes home while Caleb and Hayden were just sitting back. But Tyson asks Ciera, “Was I the one that voted your mom out?” and Ciera says that actually it was Hayden and Caleb who wanted Laura? gone.

Probst asks Katie where she fits, being left out and she says “during this whole political...”

“That is Survivor!” exclaims Probst. “Do you get that?” Katie gets it fine, but as she explains she is on the bottom of the heap and not involved in these conversations. Maybe she could do more to get involved in these conversations, but she’s probably also seen as toxic by almost everyone else on the tribe.

Probst asks Monica whether she thinks it makes sense for Ciera to flip, and she replies that it would be a bad move as “four is better than six” and regardless of what promises have been made in the past, everyone is starting to think about who they can beat. Hayden points out to Ciera that means she’s #4, but Ciera is way ahead of him. Being #4 isn’t a bad place to be though – the #4 out of #4 has a lot of opportunity to shake things up, which I think is what Monica was getting at. While with them they would be “1, 2 and 3.”

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