Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 12

Rustle Feathers

By Ben Willoughby

December 5, 2013

At least he'll always be remembered as a hard worker.

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The challenge gets underway, and Monica is the only person to make it through the first section without having to go back. Tyson drops his ball after five seconds. Gervase and Tyson are not too far behind.

Monica, veins popping on her arms, also finishes the second part of the course first, though Gervase and Tyson are closer this time. Hayden also gets through the second section while Katie drops her ball and “took it on the head.”

Monica leads the third section, but Gervase is right behind her while Tyson has to go back and re-start. Gervase and Monica release their keys, open their boxes and get the sandbags out. Gervase is good at throwing and gets a few lucky multiples, and soon he is down to three targets left while Monica has only knocked down two.

More throwing. Gervase is on his last target while Monica has five, then four, then two. Tyson has caught up and he starts throwing his sandbags wildly. But Gervase scrambles to collect more bags, and finally gets one to hit the last target. Gervase! Wins! Individual immunity! And reward!


Gervase goes to collect the necklace, and obviously he has to pick one other person to share the reward with. He picks Monica, which fair enough as she gave up food for everyone two weeks ago and he doesn’t want her to feel she is on the bottom. And one more! Gervase picks Tyson, his “left-hand man,” which is obviously an over-confident move. All right. Back to camp!

After the break, everyone congratulates Gervase and he gets an interview to talk about how he finally won immunity and what a good position he is in. The ice cream cart arrives and they start eating it in front of the others. There’s some complaint, but the deal was the ice cream would be at camp so it’s on anyone who doesn’t want to watch to go to get water or whatever.

Anyway, this gives Hayden the opportunity he’s been waiting for – to pitch to Ciera about a move. He says it’s either him or Katie tonight, and asks who will be going this week. But Ciera doesn’t bite and says “I would hope it’s one of you two.” She interviews that she has “no intention of doing anything with Hayden or Katie.” I’m really interested to know why she’s so adamant about this, but I suspect it has something to do with how they didn’t want Laura? back in the game.

Hayden asks Ciera whether she would vote with them if he put together a majority. Ciera says it depends who the majority is, and Hayden ships “Gervase is on board if you’re on board” then says he has two options – cause a stink at Tribal to flush Tyson’s idol and then vote Monica, or try and get Tyson on the sly. “You have to have a resumé, you have to have said you made a big move,” insists Hayden. Ciera points out that would be a 3-3 vote, and she is not doing that.

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