Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 12

Rustle Feathers

By Ben Willoughby

December 5, 2013

At least he'll always be remembered as a hard worker.

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The challenge gets underway and Probst immediately starts commentating about how “there’s a learning curve” and “you can’t let it be demoralizing”, while there’s a lot of footage of people knocking over tiles. It must have been riveting, because we fast-forward to 24 minutes later where Laura? has a seven-foot high stack while Tina and Caleb are at three feet and two and a half respectively. A few tiles fall from the top of Laura?’s stack, which is also leaning, and if that were me, I would have said “that’s high enough” and hoped it didn’t fall over in the next six minutes.

Laura? has more nerve than I do, and after a couple of tense moments where more tiles fall off, she gets her stack above eight feet and wins the duel. As for Tina and Caleb, there are just three minutes left and whoever has the highest stack at the deadline will stay alive. They are both doing better, with Caleb about six inches higher than Tina and “on a tear.”

At the one-minute-to-go mark, Tina nearly loses her stack while Caleb’s stack gets higher but also crooked. And with 30 seconds to go, his stack falls over as though it as felled by a lumberjack. Tina just has to sit there, knowing that he can’t catch her, and with Probst’s encouragement she counts down the last 10 seconds. De-fault! The two sweetest words in the English language! When Probst calls it, Tina hugs Caleb and apologizes to him.


So Caleb is out. Probst says that after 30 days in the game, “I’m guessing you impressed a lot of people with your work ethic and the way you handled Colton”, whose relationship [with Caleb] is “still a mystery” to Probst. That’s it? “Work ethic” is the consolation prize, the Survivor “we can’t think of anything else to say about him” award. Man, don’t trust Probst to write your eulogy.

But Probst wants to get to the bottom of why Colton and Caleb are together. I mean, sure, it’s a mystery to me too, but who comes out and asks that? Instead of telling Probst to pull his head out of his ass, Caleb says that opposites attract, but he and Colton are similar in many ways. “How are you similar?” challenges Probst. “We’re both guys.” Mystery solved! Though Caleb admits that Colton’s “estrogen level is a little higher than mine.” Laura? gets to give out the clue, and she gives it to Ciera, who decides to keep it.

When the castaways arrive back at camp, Hayden points out that Laura? has won every single Redemption Island challenge so far. No one seems to pay much attention. Ciera interviews that this week she wanted the clue because she knew the idol would be in play. Her plan is to reveal the idol to her alliance so they can find it and use it as a group. Apparently it’s not too far from the water and not too close to the ground.

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