Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 5

The Dead Can Still Talk

By Ben Willoughby

October 17, 2013

Building her own Bridge to Nowhere.

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Previously on Survivor, the returning players on Galang were dominating the game, and “their only worry was knowing their loved ones were being voted out”. “Brad took all the blame” for this, which makes perfect sense, because he was the one making all the decisions. But after Tadhana lost yet again (beaten once more by their mothers!), Caleb decided to mix things up at Tribal Council by declaring that he would be writing Brad’s name down. Brad was sent to Redemption Island with votes from Katie, Ciera and a last-minute swing from Vytas. Who will be voted out tonight?

When Tadhana arrive back at camp, Caleb apologises to everyone for taking them by surprise and explains that it was something he felt he had to do. Katie, who has still not stopped smiling, asks Vytas if he is upset. He replies that he loves Ciera and was the swing vote that sent Brad packing. Ciera happily notes that Vytas and Hayden had no clue what Caleb was up to, and maybe there is an opportunity for her and Katie to work with him.

Ciera asks Caleb if his big move was planned, and he answers “no... it just festered... until I just couldn’t keep it down”. “Huge move, bro” bros Vytas. Hayden interviews that Caleb “pulled a fast one and screwed me and Vytas”, and he’s not sure where he stands in the tribe any more.


On Redemption Island, “kudos to Caleb” interviews Brad. “He knows the game, he learned a little bit from Colton”. I’d say only one of those things is true. If Caleb had learned the game from Colton, there would have been a dramatic ongoing whispering campaign, not a surprise “I’m voting for Brad, y’all do what you want to do”.

Anyway, Brad is not looking forward to Redemption Island, because he blind-sided John and Candice is mad at him. He wakes them up to apologize to them. John: “I am like, shocked, that you’re here,” and then “Way to go five guys, huh?” “Yeah, I know.” It seems like Brad may have learned a thing or two about team-building.

Brad bright-sides that there’ll be no “F--- You Brad Culpepper” segment at this week’s Redemption Island duel, and then gives the “business, not personal” spiel we’re already tired of this season. “Your real alliance is with your spouse,” he says, still not getting that’s why everyone is so mad at him. For her part, Candice says that his wife voted for her on Day One and Brad voted out John when John trusted him. So she is happy for a chance to put Brad out of the game entirely.

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