Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 5

The Dead Can Still Talk

By Ben Willoughby

October 17, 2013

Building her own Bridge to Nowhere.

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Now we get some talk about how calm the tribe is without Brad there. Vytas is saying “a lot of the noise he came with kind of polluted” the peace and quiet of this beautiful place, against a heroic yoga montage that I’m sure the editors have inserted just to grind Coach’s cookies. Then the five of them sit on a hilltop and talk about team chemistry without Brad. Tadhana is really getting the winners’ edit going into the challenge.

Probst sighting! Immunity challenge! In this one, members of each tribe will face off individually by sliding down a slippery-slide, collecting a hoop at the bottom and then tossing that hoop onto a pole. First person to hoop the pole wins their tribe a point. First tribe to five, wins! And the reward is steaks, vegetables, spices and a wok, which they can trade for the despised fishing gear if they want.

There’s a very minor commotion among the Galangs about who to sit out. Kat doesn’t want to, so Monica and both Lauras go sit on the bench. Caleb gets the first ring on the pole, then Tyson squares things up in the next round. But then both Katie and Vytas score (“Vytas with one toss!”) and Tadhana is up 3-1. Criminy! Can Tadhana actually win? Without Brad’s leadership?

However, Ciera is up next against Tina, and Tina gets her ring on the pole. Yet again, Ciera is vanquished, and this time by someone else’s mother. Then Caleb scores before Tyson and it’s 4-2, match-point Tadhana.


Gervase and Hayden face off for the last ring, and the editors are careful to include several close shaves by each, before Hayden finally gets his ring on the pole. Tadhana! Wins! Immunity! And Galang are going to Tribal Council for the very first time. The Tadhanas celebrate, the Galangs applaud, and Katie says “thank you Jesus”. Normally, I’d say deities don’t have much interest in the outcomes of reality TV shows, but He may have had an impact just this once.

Tadhana picks the steaks as the reward, and Probst mocks them, saying they “could have fed themselves for the rest of the game”. Well, if you don’t count all the fishing gear they already have, and only until the merge when they will all have access to the fishing gear, or not even that long if there is some sort of tribe switch.

After the break, we get an interview with Rupert’s Laura, who is off to Tribal Council for the first time ever. She is nervous just about going, and nervous that it could be her voted out. Gervase – whose crotch is blurred as he stands in profile – reassures her.

But this is not enough for Rupert’s Laura, who decides to try her hand at the social game. “Your sweet friends were kind of bitching about you doing the challenge,” she tells Kat (in front of Tina and Tyson), before explaining that “girls have rivalries, I felt it the whole time”, and then later a “just saying”. Is there a better signal that someone is being passive-aggressive than the phrase “just saying”? And does Rupert’s Laura really think that anyone will fall for this? Even Kat?

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