Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 5

The Dead Can Still Talk

By Ben Willoughby

October 17, 2013

Building her own Bridge to Nowhere.

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“Well, that sucks,” says Kat, before interviewing that when someone is on the bottom they will say anything to get them off, and you are forced to “accommodate their conversation (to) make them feel better”. “Just thought I’d throw that out there. Ah, women” sighs Rupert’s Laura, missing the irony. I mean, if you're going to be all “women start meaningless fights”, don’t use that argument to try and start a meaningless fight.

Tyson again summarises the alliance of five, before adding that Kat thinks that she is in the alliance and Laura? “has no clue what alliance is going on”. But tonight he says they are all planning to vote for Rupert’s Laura, because they all find her annoying.

Laura? confirms the vote for Rupert’s Laura with Aras, before saying what’s great about their relationship is that “they don’t talk a lot of strategy, they don’t need to”. Which is the Survivor equivalent of saying “what’s great about my marriage is we don’t have sex, we don’t need to”.

Aras proves this by first stating that a vote for Rupert’s Laura would be an easy vote because “everyone feels uncomfortable with her”, then qualifying it by saying that the easy votes are often the dumbest, then acting on it by suggesting to Tyson that they vote for Laura? He thinks ouzzle-solving Laura? could beat Brad on Redemption Island, which would give Monica nowhere to go but Aras-town.


Aras and Tyson ask Monica what she thinks, and she is hesitant because Rupert’s Laura would be the easiest of wins for Brad and definitely keep him in the game for another three days. It’s exactly the same dilemma that helped John get himself voted out. We’ll see how Monica plays it.

Aras then second-guesses himself, saying that tonight should be an easy vote, and that voting for anyone but Rupert’s Laura would stir up controversy, and the more he tries to manipulate the vote, the more danger he puts himself in. Thanks Aras, for providing this week’s pre-vote tension-building.

Tribal Council. Probst opens by asking Gervase what it feels like to be back after 13 years. He says the way he played 13 years ago is gone, and people are “wheeling and dealing from Day 1”. Tina agrees, saying that she played more Survivor in the first five days this season than her entire season in Australia, plus this time you aren’t just thinking about yourself but your loved one. Monica also agrees, saying that the stakes are higher in this season, and that people are looking at who will be playing with their loved ones after the merge, making it more stressful than before.

Probst asks Aras about loyalty to loved ones, and he replies that it is a big factor. “But right now, let Vytas do what Vytas does, and maybe there’s space for him here and maybe there’s not, but I have to be sure and shore up all of these relationships”. Probst interprets Aras as saying that Vytas will be left hanging out to dry, and asks Laura? what she thinks of this. Laura? doesn’t want to show any weakness, so she talks about cutting apron strings and kicking birds out of the nest.

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