Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 5

The Dead Can Still Talk

By Ben Willoughby

October 17, 2013

Building her own Bridge to Nowhere.

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The crate-dismantling and the bridge building are pretty mundane, and there aren’t even any Probst commentary highlights. John gets to the puzzle stage first, with Brad close behind and Candice lagging a little. And the puzzle is completed in that order too. “Culpepper stays alive!” rejoices Probst, and Candice is out. After a tearful farewell, John tells her to eat some cheeseburgers for him, and Candice tells him “no more tears, OK?”. Has Candice been watching John’s interviews? Anyway, so long Candice. Your Redemption Island anger and determination will be missed.

But before we go, there’s one more bit of Redemption Island business. John gives the hidden immunity idol clue to Monica, and Probst asks her what she is going to do – keep it, or throw it in the fire again. Brad displays his usual level of self-awareness by telling her immediately to throw it on the fire. She does, and Brad and John are left to “continue their quest to get back in this game” and share male bonding time.

Monica talks about how “demoralised” she was after seeing Brad was voted out. But she thinks Brad will win his way off Redemption Island and they will be able to “scramble to the end together”. “I would be very surprised if he didn’t come back in the game,” says Tina. “Thank you for your words of encouragement,” platitudes Monica.


In interview, Tina is quite happy that Brad is on Redemption Island. In addition to Katie still being in the game, she says that Monica and Brad are a “very tight couple, and that’s very threatening”. And also that “without her guy as a back-up”, Monica “is also going to step up her gameplay”. Monica tries to assure Tina that she is 100% with her alliance of five, but Tina doesn’t trust Monica – she knows she will either be “a big threat or a great asset”, and hasn’t figured out which yet.

At Tadhana, Vytas is offering bites of banana to Caleb and Ciera, and Ciera and Katie are swapping stories about how gross their scrapes and bug bites are. Katie wins by a mile, because she is losing toenails by the handful. Vytas, who presumably had to see and do horrible things when he was a junkie, is “sickened” and can’t bear to look. I feel the same way.

Rather than look at Katie’s toenails, Vytas goes on sucking up to Caleb detail. In interview, he talks about how no one can be 100% with Caleb after his big move at Tribal Council. But out on the boat, Vytas tells Caleb about how much he loves ”spunky” Ciera, then dropping that Ciera and Katie wouldn’t get along in real life but out here they are “thick as thieves”, before saying it’s just like him and Caleb. He even comments on how great Caleb’s skin looks. Real subtle, Vytas.

Where is Hayden while this is happening? If he’s as smooth as Vytas, or as Caleb’s skin, he’s letting Katie and Ciera feel his biceps. Caleb interviews how good it feels to be the swing vote.

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