Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 5

The Dead Can Still Talk

By Ben Willoughby

October 17, 2013

Building her own Bridge to Nowhere.

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Probst asks Gervase whether Laura? has proven her loyalty by repeatedly “squashing her daughter in challenges”, but he correctly points out that she and Ciera have a tight relationship – as most people here does.

“You were voted out seconds into the game, you’re now on a tribe with people who’ve played before, you’ve never played. Do you belong out here?” Probst flat out asks Rupert’s Laura. She claims to feel that she’s “very much a part of the tribe”, and then points out how hard she works, which is exactly what you say when you know you’re on the outs. If you had any other leverage, you wouldn’t be saying “who will collect the firewood?” Monica agrees, saying that Rupert’s Laura has been with them from Day 1, and has been out fishing and fetching wood.

Probst points out that of course you say that about someone you’re voting her, and he brings up Rupert, because everyone was “looking forward” to playing with Rupert and Probst is worried that viewers might not be interested in the season without him. “Rupert’s tie-dyed, man-in-the-woods, yaarrrrhh!” summarizes Probst. Wow, that's a big standard for Rupert’s Laura to live up to! Rupert’s Laura says that Rupert’s name came up several times because Rupert, Rupert, Rupert, but she feels she has bonded with everyone on the tribe.


But then Laura? makes an awkward interruption to say that Rupert’s Laura has not been to Tribal Council before, and she “hasn’t felt the sting of you putting our torch out and saying your game is over. That’s still stinging in every single one of us”. Actually, neither Aras or Tina have felt that sting, but that’s another story. Time to vote.

The editors have their fun by showing lots of votes for Laura, but which one will it be? Laura? votes for Rupert’s Laura, saying that there’s room for only one Laura on the tribe. Rupert’s Laura is also “real happy to have only one Laura on the tribe”. That’s nice, but you’ll always be Rupert’s Laura and Laura? to me.

Probst “tallies” the votes, which are Rupert’s Laura, then Laura? Laura? Laura? Laura? and Laura? is the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. The sting! The sting burns! Kat draws her hoodie over her face. Probst congratulates the returning players for “a blind-side straight out of the gate”, even though it’s not really a blind-side when only one person is surprised.

Next time on Survivor, Gervase and Tyson are thinking about getting rid of Aras, but it’s all just talk because tribe switch!

Laura?’s post-boot interview is about how shocked she was and that she’s still not out of the game. Then she goes to Redemption Island. “How did you guys lose?” asks Brad in shock.

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