Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 5

The Dead Can Still Talk

By Ben Willoughby

October 17, 2013

Building her own Bridge to Nowhere.

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It is still night as we check in on Galang, where Aras is getting an intense massage from Laura? Apparently it’s really good because the yoga instructor is asking for tips, but I expect watching this now that Ciera is cracking up at her mom flirting with Aras. “Young or old, it all looks the same in the dark,” Laura? whispers in his ear. (Not really)

Laura? interviews about how in Survivor you need to get a group of people that you can trust and who like you. She likes Aras and that she would like to build a trust relationship with him, but it’s a little late for that. Laura? should have been in an alliance before she arrived on the island. She probably tried at those Survivor cast events, but everyone assumed she was one of the waiting staff.

Aras interviews about how he thinks Laura? thinks she is playing him. He outlines the core alliance of five, and that Laura? is perceptive enough to realise she is out so she is doing all she can to get in. He really likes the massage though. “Where did you learn this?” Aras asks. “Twenty years of marriage,” says Laura?, mood-killer.

Meanwhile, Rupert’s Laura has “blankie space available”. “I’m good”, says Gervase. Rupert’s Laura still feels like the tribe outsider, because she doesn’t have the “total emotional connection they have” from playing Survivor before.


Redemption Island challenge, so let’s get a look at the new Tadhana tribe with Brad gone. Rupert’s Laura reaches across to soothe Monica, while Laura? fist-pumps. I assume this is because this means Ciera is still in, and not Brad-related.

In come the competitors for the duel. “I’m so sorry,” says Monica. She offers to take Brad’s spot, but he talks about how she is his rock and he is going to battle and make it back into the game. And Brad has something else to say. “I’m not here because I’m a jerk, I just want to make that clear. These guys already know it,” he volunteers for Candice and John. “This tribe knows it too,” says Monica.

Probst asks Candice about the “negative energy” she threw about Brad even though she never played the game with either tribe. Candice she says that she was just repeating things that she heard from people who were voted out, and while they were “adamant about the things that they said” it’s really Brad’s word against theirs. Brad is quick to claim that it’s not just his word, but (and he points up at his former tribe) “and his and his and his and hers and hers and his”. Way to prove that you’re not a woman-shushing jerk, Brad, by insisting what other peoples’ opinions really are.

“And maybe that’s a really good lesson to learn, Candice,” patronizes Monica, who seems to think that learning life lessons is what other people should do, “because you really hurt my feelings, screaming obscenities at my husband.” Meh, that was Marissa. Candace just gave him the finger. Candice shoots back that “you hurt my feelings when you wrote my name down”. Not the forgiving kind, Candice.

Anyway, here’s the challenge. The three competitors will remove planks from the sides of a crate and then use those planks to complete a bridge. Once they have crossed the bridge, they will take the planks from the bridge and use them to solve a puzzle. Let’s see who wins, and who gets the honor of tossing their buff on the fire!

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