Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 2

Rule in Chaos

By Ben Willoughby

September 26, 2013

Why did I even get on the plane?

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Now John is telling Ciera that the vote is for Rachel, and also they are telling Rachel that the vote will be for Ciera. Obviously, Ciera freaks out, and gets together with Katie to swap notes. Katie says what Vytas and Hayden told her, but Ciera is especially worried that John has the hidden immunity idol and that he will use it to save Rachel. I can see why this is a useful tool to discredit John with the other guys, but I don’t see why John saving Rachel is a legitimate concern. Everyone gets paranoid, I guess. Especially Downton Abbey Daisy.

But anyway, Katie says she raised the same concern with Hayden and Vytas, and that she suggested she and Ciera vote for someone else. “John,” they say at the same time. So if John does actually play the idol to save Rachel and earn the undying disdain of his wife, he’s the one going home.

Later, Ciera notices that John is going somewhere. “Where’s John going?” she asks whoever else is there. Hayden interviews about how John not sharing his idol clue makes him “weary”. Then some sort of nap would seem to be in order. But “right now it’s John with the five guys, we’ll see how long he stays that way” Caleb, Vytas and Hayden all get together to discuss a potential John blind-side, which they are obviously not going to pull the trigger on. They don’t think he’ll share the idol.

Tribal Council. Probst notes the men-to-women ratio and asks if the woman are talking about this. Ciera says that they all sense they are vulnerable because the “five guys” are always going off together. Hayden smiles smugly and talks about how the “guys have bonded... not to say that there isn’t anything going on.” Katie says that she is still trying to figure what is happening among the guys.


Probst asks Caleb whether there is a bit of a target on John, who has that hidden immunity idol clue. Caleb says there’s definitely a target on John and Brad heads him off to say that they’re assuming he has already found it. “He’s got to figure out whether it’s best to tell the whole tribe or not.” Hint hint, he doesn’t say. Probst asks John about the vote, and he says that whoever they vote out, their loved one could take their place. Hayden says they could potentially weaken the other tribe by voting someone out here tonight.

And that’s it for Tribal Council this week, and it was probably the weakest Tribal Council of all time. Probst goes to “tally” the votes, and straight out of the urn we have two votes for John. Then one vote for Ciera. And then Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel all the way. “The second person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water” Probst says, because Candice and Rupert aren’t around to correct him. “Peace guys,” says Rachel. Probst advises the remaining Tadhanas to win the next challenge.

Next time on Survivor, “will Tyson rise to the occasion” like a gallant knight to protect his watery-eyed damsel? It looks like he does, because he stands up, looks at Tadhana and says “Okay, none of you will have a chance in hell.” But he could just as easily sit down again.

And “will Colton finally crumble” after a whole six days? “Are you quitting this game?” asks Probst at the Redemption Island challenge. “I don’t care what they all say...” Colton blubs before going over to sit in Caleb’s lap. Daddy issues.

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