Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 2

Rule in Chaos

By Ben Willoughby

September 26, 2013

Why did I even get on the plane?

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Tina, who looks as though she just wants to get away from Colton’s stupid accusations, complains to the camera about all the drama. “So this is what Survivor 27 looks like?... you don’t want to deal with drama for 39 days”. Well, no one wants to, but that’s how Phillip Shepherd made it to the end. It’s how Russell Hantz made it to the end, twice. The real question is, why is Tina so surprised?

Now suddenly, the whole tribe is around the fire and Colton is saying that he wants to address the tribe. He says, “I don’t to look like a ***, I don’t want to be a ****, but I cannot forge forward in a relationship with...” I assume he’s still talking about Kat. “This doesn’t matter to most of us,” says Aras, who then goes on to say it doesn’t matter to Gervase or Monica or Laura? either. “I want to have a peaceful camp and I want to win.”

Tyson later interviews about how awesome that fight was, and that Colton is going to over-think his way out of the game. Colton is left simmering to Rupert’s Laura. “I just wanted to get to the truth.” Then he interviews that he wants his tribe to get slaughtered at immunity, so they realize “that this is a game, this isn’t National Lampoon’s Horrible Vacation.” But games are supposed to be fun, while horrible vacations are what happens when Colton is there. It’s no fun playing a game with someone who makes a bad dice throw and then flips the board over, screaming “That’s it! Tribal Council!”


The next morning at Galang, no one wants to talk with Colton. He says that “everyone is being super-sketchy” but Monica, the role of Colton-wrangler, assures him that he is not in trouble. Then she interviews that “the Monica, who’s just going to live in mediocrity, she died in Samoa” and we see her, Tyson, Gervase, Tina and Aras are all talking about Colton. Aras says that Colton’s game is to get people to turn on each other, and Tyson suggests they should all tell the group what Colton is saying about them. Monica shares that Colton said, “is everyone still on Kat, or are they on me?”

“It doesn’t have to be a game of fear, at all,” says Aras. “He’s a bully... he is a gay Russell Hantz.” Gay Russell Hantz, eh? After careful consideration, I have determined while it is a slam against Colton, Russell Hantz should feel more insulted. Aras interviews “What he did to Kat was bullying, and if he can do that to Kat, he can do it to Tyson, he can do it to Aras, he can do it to Gervase... and at a certain point, you have to say, ‘I don’t want to play with that person.’”

The group of five – Tyson, Monica, Aras, Tina and Gervase – cement an alliance of “five to the end” by putting their hands together and talking about how good their group is. Again we’ll see how this goes after the merge when loved ones get involved, but it’s worth noting that Tina, Monica and Aras all want to do better than their loved ones, and Gervase’s loved one is stuck on Redemption Island with (sorry, Marissa) not a great chance of getting out.

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