Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 2

Rule in Chaos

By Ben Willoughby

September 26, 2013

Why did I even get on the plane?

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Probst explains the challenge. The competitors have to pick up a spool with a pole and guide it through a wire frame before balancing it on the top. Then they have to do it again, until all 10 spools form a tower on top of the wire frame. And the whole frame is on a wobbly spring, so you have to take it slow, or your spools will fall off. The whole challenge is pretty much the same as the final immunity challenge in Survivor: One World, if you remember. Or care.

Anyway, there are three people competing in the challenge. First to finish gets a hidden immunity idol clue to give to any castaway not on Redemption Island. Second place gets to stay in the game. Third place is, you’re fired and have to toss your buff in the fire.

This challenge is all about steadiness and patience, so obviously Rupert charges through his wire maze with the first spool, making it wobble so that when he tries to balance the spool on top it falls off. Candice is the first to get a spool on top, followed by Marissa. It’s not very interesting, so we fast forward to Candice with seven, Rupert with seven and Marissa with six. Probst announces that the wind is picking up, when Rupert balances a very wobbly eighth spool about half-way on top his already-leaning tower. Everything falls over.

Meanwhile Candice is working on her last spool. Probst says that “it’s very easy to knock your stack over”, but she doesn’t and wins the challenge. So it’s down to Rupert, who already has five spools piled up, and Marissa, who is on her last one. After some tense footage, Marissa doesn’t blow it, and Rupert is out and over hugging Rupert’s Laura and assuring her “you’ll be fine, I’m fine, you’ll be fine.” So much for that big speech about how he’ll fight in these challenges “time after time after time.”


So Rupert is the first one out, and maybe he was right about that “27 is a magical number” thing. He tries to scrape some dignity by declaring that he never went to Tribal Council and never got a vote, which is completely invalidated by the fact that he chose to be there. Rupert doesn’t have any regrets, but then I expect Rupert rarely does the “regrets” thing. He tosses his buff in the fire on the way out and then goes off to drive some hotel staff crazy.

Obviously, Candice gives the clue to John, and John interviews that he was excited to see Candice win so “to hell with these guilty feelings.” He also wants to make sure that it is weak people competing against Candice on Redemption Island.

Everyone congratulates John when Tadhana get back to camp and then the guys go off to talk about who they would like to vote off already, because their tribe is obviously going to keep losing. Vytas points out an interesting dynamic with this season. He says that when they vote someone out on their tribe, they are setting up one of the returnees to take their place on Redemption Island. “Who do we want to switch that’s strong?” “Tyson,” says Brad. “Exactly,” says Vytas, letting it be Brad’s idea.

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