Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 2

Rule in Chaos

By Ben Willoughby

September 26, 2013

Why did I even get on the plane?

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Probst sighting! Immunity challenge! One lucky castaway from each tribe will get put in a barrel and then rolled around a course by three tribe-mates who are tied together, and every now and then she will have to get out and untie some knots to release some bags with balls in them. After she has collected all four bags, she’ll hand them over to a group of tribe-mates who will take out the balls and roll them up at an incline which has six holes in it – kind of like in skee-ball. First tribe to land a ball in each of the six skee-ball holes wins immunity!

In addition, the tribes are playing for reward. What’s the reward, Probst! More fishing gear! That’s right, in addition to the fishing gear they started the game with, the winner will get nets, lines, lures, hooks, live bait and even lobster pots. Galang has an extra tribe member, so they sit out Kat, who is left to sit sunburnt and rejected on the sidelines.

Our barrel-girls are Laura? and Katie. They are rolled around inside their barrels, with Galang leading for most of the way until Tadhana finally overtakes them on the last stretch. Hayden starts tossing balls for Tadhana and gets two in before Galang even gets started.

However, each season of Survivor seems to have some ball-tossing savant and this season it is Gervase – though it helps that he is willing to take his time, while Hayden is just rushing through his balls without thinking much about aiming. Things are quickly tied up 3-3, and then it’s 4-4 with “two balls left for each guy.” Oh, Probst. Then Gervase gets in his final two balls and Galang! Wins! Immunity! “Marissa, that’s for you, baby!” he yells. Sorry Tadhana, but someone’s going home.


After the break, Tadhana arrive back at camp reminiscing about those 20 glorious seconds in which they led the immunity challenge. Predictably, Brad starts talking about what an idiot Gervase is and how if there is a physical challenge, he plans to bodyslam Gervase repeatedly. All of these excessive celebrations must be new to Brad, with his history in the NFL and all. To summarize: Brad says he voted out Gervase’s niece partly to send a personal message to Gervase, and now Brad’s upset because Gervase took it personally and keeps rubbing it in Brad’s face. Boo hoo, someone hand Brad his crying towel.

Katie interviews about how there are only three women left, and they can be picked off one by one. The guys are still thinking of Rachel as their best bet, because they believe Tyson will step up for her. But John tells the group that if Tyson stays put, it will weaken them because Rachel is the only woman who is willing to get physical in challenges. Of course, in interview, John just doesn’t want Tyson competing against Candice.

Vytas notices John’s “extreme hesitancy” and questions whether he is loyal to the “five guys” or to Rachel. Then he goes and asks Katie what she thinks about voting for Rachel. “Did you talk to John about that? He’s not going to get rid of her.” Vytas and Hayden say that they have, but even if John doesn’t vote for Rachel they still have the numbers. But then Katie remembers John’s clue to the idol and says “what if he saves her?” Vytas doesn’t think she has it.

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