Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 1

Blood is Thicker than Anything

By Ben Willoughby

September 19, 2013

Dud, dud, dud, dud, dud, dud, dud...

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However, the other Galang members have nearly untied the boat by the time Gervase and Aras get there, so Tadhana’s lead is minimal. Until Galang get paddling. They’re really bad at paddling. Really, really bad. Kat urges Colton to paddle. Then Colton loses it at Kat. “Shut up and f*ing paddle!” he shrieks in her ear. Kat says something about wanting to hit him with the paddle. Tadhana get back to shore well ahead.

Katie, Ciera and Katie are working the puzzle for Tadhana and seem to be making progress, but then Tina, Monica and Laura? get started for Galang and don’t look back. They screw the spokes together, fit the spokes to the wheel hub, use the pieces in the second bag to make the wheel-ring, fit the pegs from the third bag, put their wheel up, spin it and raise the flag. Galang win immunity! “Absolute collapse at the puzzle stage for Tadhana,” Probst rubs it in that the daughters are being “schooled by their mothers.”

“Don’t let that fool you!” Gervase has obviously got his breath back because he shouts that excitedly and repeatedly. I think he’s over-compensating for his own sad effort. However, not everyone is happy on Galang. Colton is crying, and Laura? explains that it is a bittersweet victory because “we won, but we put our loved ones in jeopardy.” Tribal Council tonight for Tadhana, and John gets a shout-out from Probst with the suggestion that he will be picking someone to compete against Candice.

Sad Tadhana arrive back at camp. Brad, who based on camera time alone should be the obvious bootee, says that everyone gave 100% and no one should beat themselves up. John puts it down to their experience, while Katie is rueful that she was “creamed by my mother.” “Poor Gervase, he was dying” says Vytas, but Marissa immediately says “no poor Gervase. He was the loudest one!” Then for good measure, she points out that he was the weakest one on his tribe.


Marissa interviews that she is worried that Gervase’s poor performance will blow back on her. I think she’s right, and not just because of his celebration after the challenge win. Gervase had a poor performance athletically, so Tadhana perceives him as one of the weaker Galang players, which means that at this early stage, sending his loved one home is a safer move than sending home the loved one of someone running things at Galang. Booting Marissa has revenge-free consequences.

Brad says that at challenges he wants his tribe to win with grace, and Marissa adds “the lion does not roar after it kills its prey.” Are we sure she’s Gervase’s niece and not, say, Coach’s? Brad doesn’t appreciate the interruption.

The men go and talk about being five-strong and Brad says that Gervase has spoiled him on Marissa, even though Marissa didn’t do anything. He wants to send Marissa home then say to Gervase “how do you like them apples?” I actually think Brad was spoiled on Marissa five minutes into the game, when he talked about how he would throw a challenge to give his wife a tarp and Marissa said “you better not be on my team.” But that would involve Brad admitting he was schooled in the game by a 19-year old girl. Much better to keep things about manly men and the unspoken code of honor between them.

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