Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 1

Blood is Thicker than Anything

By Ben Willoughby

September 19, 2013

Dud, dud, dud, dud, dud, dud, dud...

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After the break, we visit Galang where a group hug is in progress. Gervase talks about how he wants to get rid of Rupert’s Laura because he really wanted to play with Rupert. Rupert’s Laura, feeling like an outsider, goes to hack ineffectively at a coconut while everyone else watches. “I so wish your husband was here,” says Aras. “I know, I’m a little disappointing to you guys.”

“I’m stoked to have you,” is Aras’ unconvincing recovery. There’s a shelter-building and fire-starting montage.

Monica talks about how important it is to have fire and Tyson started one in 15 minutes and now they have boiled water and rice, they are comfortable. However, Colton does not look comfortable sawing a palm frond, especially as he’s using a method best described as “one slip of the saw and off come the genitals”. Monica says that Colton was seen as one of “the most vindictive, villainous, mean people to ever play the game”. She confronts him.

“We don’t need any drama, we don’t need anything to happen here, and you hurt be to death last time. A lot. And I hope we can bury that and not be a nuisance here and move on.” So much for Monica not needing any drama. “Can I trust you?” Monica asks, “or are you going to stab me in the back again?” “I think we need to talk more later, but yes,” Colton replies. Yes, he’ll stab her in the back? Monica seems appeased, but in interview she is worried that zebras don’t change their stripes and she may end up being “bamboozled” by Colton.


Over on Tadhana, we’re seeing specialization of labor in action as the men are making the shelter and the women are weaving palm fronds. Brad interviews that he has relived Monica’s experience on Survivor with her thousands of times (I’ll bet he has) but there’s nothing like the real thing.

Brad is still kicking himself for what an idiot he was when they were all on the beach, and decides to gather everyone around and “put something to rest,” even though no one has given any indication of thinking about Brad. He says in challenges he will be 100% Tadhana. Marissa thinks Brad “could be a loose cannon.” I’m liking Marissa more and more.

Brad also interviews about the advice he got from go-getter Monica about hitting the ground running and getting his alliances stitched up on Day One. Monica sounds a lot like her namesake from Friends. I wonder if there is a Culpepper equivalent of the Geller Cup.

Brad and John go to have a shower under a waterfall in their underwear, and the Survivor editors put in what I assume is Filipino bow-chick-a-wow-wow music as Brad lays out his plan, which begins: “we’ve got five guys right now. We’ve got four guys and a gay guy...” John mocks this a little. "Shocker, the guy who played NFL football wants to keep his locker room together,” but he does like that Brad is asserting himself, because it’s less focus on John the natural leader.

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