Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 1

Blood is Thicker than Anything

By Ben Willoughby

September 19, 2013

Dud, dud, dud, dud, dud, dud, dud...

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The returning players will be known as the Galang tribe, and the newbies Tadhana. Then Probst does his next big reveal – each tribe will be voting someone out! He hands out parchment and pens to each tribe. “First impressions are going to speak very loudly,” says Hayden. Or third or fourth impressions, as the case may be.

The newbies vote first, and it’s about as unanimous as you can get – Rupert’s Laura is voted out immediately. Rupert interviews that seeing Laura be voted out “about killed me.” Why they would do that? It’s a smack against me, that is every one of those little scared newbies saying ‘we’ve got to stop Rupert,’” interviews Rupert. Yes, it has everything to do with Rupert and nothing to do with Rupert’s Laura being the only woman on her tribe aged over 40, who also doesn’t look like she’ll be much help in challenges.

Now it’s the returnees’ turn, and Candice votes for Laura? because she doesn’t know anything about her. Ha! Burn on Laura?. However, the shoe is quickly on the other foot, because Tina’s vote for Candice was due to the exact same reason. Double ha! Tina, who you know has watched every season of this show at least twice, can’t remember third-time player Candice. Third-degree burn on Candice. Then Rupert votes for Laura?. It appears that writing down his wife’s name wasn’t such a stretch after all.


It’s three for Laura? and three for Candice, but then Monica and Laura share their votes for Candice and Candice is voted off. Anyone who said anything said that they didn’t feel they knew Candice, but maybe one or two of them remembered that both times she played, she betrayed her alliance. Of course, at least one of those alliances was a bunch of jerks she was basically forced to put up with. It’s also worth remembering that Candice was a last-minute replacement, so probably was not in any pre-game alliance.

John interviews how every vote for Candice was like a kick to the head. Then Probst makes his third and final reveal – Redemption Island is in play this season. So Candice and Rupert’s Laura haven’t been voted out of the game, just out of their tribe. And not only that, but the other half of their pair can take her spot... Rupert is hitting his stride before Probst finished explaining that Rupert’s Laura would be sent to Galang where everyone would see her as an outsider and probably vote her out at the first opportunity. “I never anticipated this,” lies Probst.

Tina, who urged Rupert not to go, is annoyed because she was counting on Rupert to build a shelter and go fishing and instead he has made his tribe weaker. John has the same opportunity, and he and Candice take a moment to talk about it. After their discussion, he declines, saying that Candace will no doubt win the Redemption Island challenges. Then in interview he tears up as he recalls her walking off to Redemption Island. “It was like my heart being torn out of my chest!” Rupert gives the bombastic speech you expect by now. Poor men, having to be strong for their womenfolk!

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