Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 1

Blood is Thicker than Anything

By Ben Willoughby

September 19, 2013

Dud, dud, dud, dud, dud, dud, dud...

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Monica interviews about how she hasn’t walked a mile in Colton’s shoes, and his life hasn’t been easy and that if he has changed it’s a wonderful story. She then expresses her doubts with the phrase “But... then again, it’s Colton Cumbie.”

Over on Redemption Island, Candice is grinding her teeth while chopping at a coconut, calling out the names of the people who voted for her. "Kat. Monica. Laura. This one is for Colton... just like this.” “Never in a million years would I have guessed I’d be in this position on second day,” says Rupert who volunteered to be there.

Candice is already annoyed at Rupert, saying he’s spending all his time sleeping or lazing in the water, while she is doing all the work. But Rupert is being crafty, saying that he never won an individual immunity challenge because he always burned his energy providing for his tribe. Three seasons, a hundred days and no individual immunity wins? That’s pretty embarrassing. Candice can burn as much energy as she likes, as far as she is concerned.

There’s treemail, which announces a new challenge that involves swimming, paddling and a puzzle. Laura? tells us that she learned from her alleged Survivor experience that if you keep calm, anything can happen. Both tribes talk about who will be doing the puzzle and who on the other tribe will be doing the puzzle. Ciera and Katie realize that they will be competing against their mothers. Meanwhile, their mothers are cackling evilly.


At the immunity challenge, Rupert’s Laura wants her tribe colors so she can blend in more with Galang. Having a Tadhana buff all that time must have been awkward. There’s a bit of talk about how “Tyson” and “team effort” got Galang’s fire started within 15 minutes. Brad’s tongue gets ahead of his brain again as Probst gets him to say that he doesn’t believe Galang have fire. “Do you guys not have fire?” Tyson asks.

Brad lies that they do, and everyone else backs him up. Dummies. It’s the 27th season of Survivor, you’re playing with someone who has played before, why don’t you get them to teach you how to make fire? Did they think they could show up on the beach and their partner would be their dedicated fire-drudge?

Anyway, in the challenge, six members of each tribe will swim out over an obstacle course, untie a boat, paddle the boat back to shore and then use the puzzle pieces on the boat to form a ship’s wheel and use the wheel to raise a flag, winning immunity.

Ready? Go! Kat, Tyson, Colton, Rupert’s Laura, Gervase and Aras swim out for Galang, while Vytas, Marissa, Hayden, Brad, John and Rachel so the same for Tadhana. Probst calls out that the new players are getting an early lead because they are working together, while Gervase is slowing his team down because he’s already exhausted. And we see Gervase has real trouble clambering up some crates, and eventually Aras has to shove him off after and then swim him over to the boat. “Let’s go Aquaman!” urges Aras.

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