Survivor: South Pacific

Taste The Victory

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 18, 2011


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Probst asks Dawn if Cochran's need to assess everything is good or annoying. She finds it endearing most of the time, but it is helping her to become more tolerating of others. Jeff then asks Elyse if she feels for Cochran. She says that of course she can, no one likes to be picked last for soccer. They slam Cochran a little more and Jim is finally asked if the vote is personal or strategic. He says that while he is voting by strategy only, he knows how it will affect the person, so it's always personal. And with that, we'll finally vote.

We only see 2 votes tonight. Jim votes for "Lys" saying that he's trying to weaken Ozzy. And Ozzy votes for the "Coch-train" and tells him it's all about keeping the tribe strong. And I'll go tally the votes. First vote: Cochran. Then 'Lys'. Then Cochran. Then "Elice." Then Dawn and Dawn??? Final vote: "Elise." If Stacey were there, she'd say "BOOM!" That sound you heard was Ozzy's ego crashing. I'd like to point out that I found it interesting that they included Ozzy asking Cochran how to spell his name and then we see three different people spell Elyse's name differently.


And before I sign off, I have to reiterate how STUPID it was of Keith and Whitney to vote for Dawn. While they didn't write down Elyse's name, they allowed her to go home. And by voting Dawn, they didn't actually cross over to the Jim alliance. What they did was alienate themselves from everyone else in the tribe. I have no idea how they could have thought that was a good idea, but it couldn't have been a worse decision, if you ask me.

Next time on Survivor: Ozzy is pissed! He declares himself a free agent. Coach is worried about Brandon. Did I mention that Ozzy is pissed? And Cochran says he doesn't care if Ozzy wants to be a crybaby. He'll go home next. And with that, I have a feeling our game is getting ready to get interesting. Until next time, take care.

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