Survivor: South Pacific

Taste The Victory

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 18, 2011


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This challenge was so gross that I had to resort to humor to get through it. An interesting note is that toward the end of the challenge, Rick dropped a good sized chunk on the ground and Mikayla goes and picks it up. As Jeff weighs the baskets, Savaii has 22 pounds 12 ounces. He hooks up Upolu's basket and it comes in at 22 pounds, 14 ounces. Upolu wins immunity! And if that's not good enough, they also get to take their 22 pounds of meat back with them. And as disgusting as the challenge was and all the spit and nastiness that is sitting in that basket, I have to say, after two weeks, wash that stuff off and let's chow down. That pork would be tasting GOOD! Quick note to producers of the show: I get it. You haven't had a real gross food challenge in a while. And I know you added the extra sauce to make it as disgusting as possible, and I'm ok with that. I do think the cameras IN THE FRICKIN' BASKETS might have been a little too much. Watching that stuff fall out of their mouths from the side was bad enough. Watching it come right at me was as gross as it gets.

We come back from break while Upolu, specifically Brandon, cooks up that pork with the new spices and veggies. Finally something positive. I knew he had it in him. Coach, meanwhile, is as excited as I've ever seen him. He's honestly like a kid in a candy store with his new-found success in this game. I know a lot of people don't like Coach because of his previous seasons on the show, but if I wasn't before, I'm now 100% rooting for the guy. I think it's amazing how a few seasons and some good editing can totally change my opinion on this.


Over at Savaii, the tribe is discussing their wounds from the nasty challenge. Cochran chimes in that they're all probably gonna have oral herpes now. He tries to explain that cold sores are herpes...but they just gross out and make fun of him. And we've all of a sudden entered a game of "It's anyone but Cochran." He's running around working his butt off, while Ozzy tells us that he's the weakest link and everyone is good to vote him off tonight. Dawn tells us that she's not down with that. It's time to break up Ozzy and Elyse. She and Cochran discuss that Elyse has to go.

Jim takes this time to finally go to Keith with the bombshell from earlier. He suggests to Keith that if Ozzy thinks Coach should dump Albert, then Keith has to be one of Ozzy's first targets. Keith agrees with Jim right off the bat, but then he says one of the dumbest things I've heard this season. He's worried about whether or not they should tell Ozzy and of course, Jim says no. "But then he's not gonna trust us." *headslap* If you dump his girlfriend, genius, he's not going to trust you ANYway! For the love of...this mentality is why Rob Mariano is a millionaire right now. Everyone just bowed down to him last season, they may as well have written the check. Keith tells us about the new plan and that he's just not totally sure what he and Whitney should do. So he goes to Whitney, and her thought is that instead of voting for Elyse, they could vote for someone else and then the trio of Dawn, Jim and Cochran would win the vote and Elyse would go home. WHAT??? If there's anything worse that turning on your boy and dumping his girlfriend, it's passive aggressively turning on your boy and letting someone else vote out his girlfriend.

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