Survivor: South Pacific

Taste The Victory

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 18, 2011


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Albert/Rick/Sophie - 15-1. This trio seems pretty tight right now and they are all going along with the Coach alliance thus far. I have to wonder, though, how much longer Sophie and Albert will put up with Brandon. And when they decide they've had enough, will Coach be on board, or will that be the fracture in the alliance?

Jim - 20-1. Jim has good ideas, but thus far, his timing has been off. I love that he wants to make a move on Ozzy. I can understand going after Elyse instead, just to be safe. What I don't like is that he doesn't seem to notice that his three won't beat Ozzy's four. He's in a position right now where if he makes his move and it fails, he's outta here. If he makes his move and it works, he's on the fast track to the Final 3.

Dawn - 25-1. Dawn laid it down last week. She let her actions speak for her and I think she's in this game for a while. I don't know that she has what it takes to win, but she definitely has what it takes to be a player after the merge. Her best move right now is to let Jim and Cochran do the talking and if they merge, she's right with them. If they fail, she can sit back and watch them burn.


Johnny Cochs - 30-1. Have to move Johnny up a bit this week. While I still don't see how his new plan with Jim will work, he's making moves and I've just got a feeling that he's gonna be with us for a while. I don't think he has the end game, but he does seem just slippery enough to keep avoiding the vote. If they can somehow pull off the upset and dump Elyse, he's in great shape.

Mikayla/Edna - 40-1. These two are in a weird place. Both of them get along with that core alliance of five, yet neither of them are IN it. Coach has Edna's back and Mikayla seems like she might be alone out there...but she is pretty good in challenges. Their big hope right now has to be that the alliance gets tired of Brandon's act and chooses one of them to be his replacement in the five.

Brandon - 50-1. I really think Brandon is next on the Upolu chopping block. If Coach has truly learned from the past, he has to know that someone that is this unpredictable and this much of a wild card is dangerous to keep in this game. The rest of the tribe is tired of him and I think the next time Upolu loses, they'll finally give him his walking papers.

Elyse - 75-1. I'm going out on a limb here, but the plot to get her out of the game added to the promise of a blindside vote tonight has me thinking that Elyse takes the walk to Redemption Island tonight. If this is how it goes, I can't wait to see how it happens.

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