Survivor: South Pacific

Taste The Victory

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 18, 2011


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We come back from break for the fallout at Upolu camp. Right off the bat, Albert tells Coach and the rest of the tribe about how "Benjamin" is running the tribe. Brandon, you gotta love him, says, "Who's Benjamin?" Coach is none too happy. He says that if anyone calls him Benjamin to his face, he's gonna go nuts. Which has me wondering, really? Really?? I mean, I get it; you're used to being called Coach. But for someone to use your real name, I don't get why that would upset you, but whatever, I guess. He does say that even his parents call him Coach. He tells us that he's worried about being the main target once the tribes merge. "Could this day get any worse?" Uh oh...those kinds of quotes are only shown if, in fact, the day COULD get worse. That's not sounding too good for the Dragon Slayer.

We check in with Savaii for the first time and Ozzy and Elyse are canoodling. Elyse tells us about how strong her alliance with Ozzy, Keith and Whitney is. She is feeling real good about her position in the tribe. Meanwhile, Cochran is still trying to re-work his image as a hard worker. As he comes to camp with an armful of fire word, from their resting place, Ozzy and Elyse talk about how much he's doing. Ozzy then asks him how to spell Cochran. This leads to a funny exchange where Cochran tells him he won't need to know how to spell the name, as he'll have no reason to write it down. He tells us how hard he's been working around camp and he's pretty sick of watching Ozzy and Elyse lay around all the time doing nothing.


The RI duel watchers come back and spill the beans about everything that Stacey said at the duel. They tell them that Coach is in charge with Albert and Sophie. In the middle of this, Ozzy mentions that if Coach is smart, he'll get rid of Albert soon. Jim asks him why he would boot Albert. He then tells us that he was blown away that Ozzy would suggest Coach should boot Albert. Because if Ozzy thinks that Coach should boot Albert, then maybe Ozzy feels like HE should boot one of his strong alliance mates, like Keith. He tells us that nothing sells like fear and he's going to put the fear into Keith to help him get rid of Elyse next.

Back at Upolu, Albert is still smarting from how he was outed at the duel. He feels that he's going to be seen as threat come merge time, so he needs to start looking for the clue to the hidden idol. He searches for a while and finds the clue that suggests that the idol is on the beach and that it's out of reach. So he starts scaling trees and searching, but he can't find it. So, he decides to bring Sophie and Coach into the mix to help find the idol. He thinks it will garner favor with them AND he needs some help to find it. So they all take off to find this idol. After checking several trees and having no luck, Coach decides to pray to, I don't know... (Jessum Herring?) to find the idol and what do you know, he does find it! As he tells us about the idol, he is like a little kid at Christmas time and it thrilled at how the stars are aligning for Coach Wade. I guess the whole "Can this day get any worse" was like...a trick. Those tricky Survivor editors!

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