Survivor: South Pacific

Taste The Victory

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 18, 2011


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The next thing we see is Jim telling Johnny Cochs that Elyse is the vote and he gets to stay in the game. He's completely blown away. He is prepared to go to Redemption Island, but he doesn't want to. He says that he doesn't care if Ozzy thinks they're all against him...they ARE all against him. He does expect some fireworks if they manage to vote out his "hammock sweetheart."

Tribal begins for Savaii and Jeff starts by asking Ozzy that in his experience, what stage of the game are we in. He says the merge is still too far away to be worried about it and that they really need to be concerned with keeping a strong tribe. Elyse suggests that you have to be good in challenges, work around camp and have a strong social game to be of use to the tribe. Jeff asks Johnny Cochs about Elyse's statement. He wants to know if his antenna goes up since he's obviously not one of the stronger players. "The novelty of attending Tribal Council long since worn off for me." And I guess so. Every Tribal turns into a "let's bash Cochran" circus. The bummer is that Jeff seems to be the ringleader. While I know he's been more and more aggressive over the seasons at Tribal Council, he has been downright brutal and damn near prejudicial against Cochran, in my humble opinion. It's as if he just looks at the dude as a goof and wants to exploit that as much as possible. He's not Phillip. He's not Coach Version 1.0. He's a decent kid who is in the middle of his dream and Probst is just destroying him in every Tribal. Apologies, but it had to be said.


Cochran says that he hates to keep seeing his name come up and he feels that everyone did a great job at the challenge, a fact that is proven by how close the challenge actually was. Jeff asks if Jim kept going over the challenge, since it was so close. Jim says they all did. He also points out that they have more injuries from this challenge than any other. The laundry list includes cuts, scrapes, chipped teeth, a broken tooth, a dislocated jaw and some teeth thrown out of whack due to the pork and not wearing a retainer like he should. Not saying that Cochran doesn't deserve some of the crap he gets...I just don't think he deserves it from the host of the frickin' show.

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