Survivor: South Pacific

Taste The Victory

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 18, 2011


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Stacey - 100-1. Stacey proved last week that she's one tough lady. She also seems to have a very strong sense of revenge in her. I think she goes into the duel this week and dismantles Christine to stay in the game.

Christine - 1 million-1. Christine has had a good run, but she's no Elrod. I think she meets her match this week in Stacey and is sent home as the third person to be out of Survivor: South Pacific.

We begin the show at Sour Island as Stacey arrives. After some pleasantries, it's a whole bunch of Coach bashing and tribe bashing. I've never seen anything like this season for whiners getting voted out. Stacey talks about how the tribe is not one happy family. Of course, they kind of are, she just wasn't a part of it. I'm consistently blown away by people this season who are simply on the wrong side of the main alliance who are taking their boots so personally. It's a game, people. It's a game for a million dollars. I'm sorry you didn't end up at the cool kids' table, but you didn't. Get over it. IT'S NOTHING PERSONAL, so stop taking it that way!


We come back from the credits to Brandon waking folks up for Tree Mail. And if you had the three minute 57 second mark for when Brandon would cry the first time, please collect your prize. The Tree Mail is requesting folks to check out the Redemption Island Duel. Albert and Mikayla are sent to watch and Coach is just hoping that there isn't a bunch of dirt drudged up by our ousted competitors. Of course, Stacey vowed to blow everything up, so I'm sure I'll want to gouge my own eyes out by the time the duel is over.

Right off the bat, Jeff asks Stacey how she feels about seeing her tribe mates. Stacey tells everyone that "Benjamin" is running the show and Albert and Sophie are right there with him. When Jeff asks about the "Benjamin" thing, she says she refuses to call him "Coach." I guess it's her way of putting it to The Man. She talks about how he says he's so loyal, but he ain't loyal. Albert says it under his breath, "Sour grapes." I just wish he'd have said it out loud. It's real simple, "Um, Jeff...that's just sour grapes from someone who found herself on the outside looking in." I mean, I would have said it. Anyway, let's get to the duel. If only there was a way that both of them could go home...but I guess I'll have to settle for one. And at this point, I hope it's Stacey, because I don't think I can listen to her nonsense for another episode.

Today's duel is a metal spiral chute. They will put a ball in the chute and then catch it at the bottom and re-start it. Every couple minutes, they'll add a new ball. First one to drop a ball loses. Obviously, the more balls in the chute, the more concentration it will require to keep catching them. Also, you have to think a little about spacing them out so they don't come down at the same time. Of course, if you're Stacey, you don't need to think about anything, you just do. Because that's worked well for her so far. As both women have three balls going, it's not too much of a surprise that Stacey drops her ball first and Christine lives to see another duel. As Stacey throws her buff into the fire, I can't help but think that this season is really working out for me, in terms of who I personally want to see on my television. If only Christine could go home, I'd be feeling pretty good about the cast that's remaining. As they head back to camp, Albert is not happy to have been called out as the number two, and he knows Coach is gonna be pissed.

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