Survivor: Redemption Island

Too Close For Comfort

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 12, 2011

I was born a Furry. I had no choice in the matter.

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Hello good people and welcome back to BOP's Survivor: Redemption Island recap! When last we hung out, the Zapateras were all sent to Redemption Island or Ponderosa. This means the Ometepes finally had to turn on one of their own. Despite a weak attempt by producers to make us think Phillip might get his walking papers, the only obvious boot was Andrea. And when Rob gutted out an immunity win on one of the rougher challenges ever, Andrea was, indeed, sent out of the main game. Previews suggest that Ashley is the next on the chopping block...but wait! Phillip looks like he's gonna go all on them.

We begin this episode with Ashley celebrating the blindsiding of Andrea. Honestly, she's been a bitch from day one and the way she is acting now just solidifies that. Natalie is feeling in a weird spot as she is pretty well linked to Rob, but Ashley keeps saying that the 2 of them will go to the end. Rob asks Natalie what Ashley is talking to her about. He warns Natalie that Ashley is sneaky and he hasn't really trusted her since Day 1. He tells us that it looks like Ashley might have to be the next to go. He's had control of this game from the beginning and he just needs to maintain it. Cue the theme...

We come back from break to see Andrea's arrival on Redemption Island. Matt is not thrilled to see her. He was the most hurt by her and he's not feeling good about her. She starts right off fishing for a compliment from Matt suggesting that he hates her and was giving her dirty looks. And I love this answer from Matt, "I don't give you dirty looks, I just don't know why you're giving me big puppy dog eyes like you feel bad for me." Damn right. You tell the bitch, Matt!!


Andrea does not like that answer and goes off on him for being wishy washy with Rob and throwing her under the bus. He sarcastically apologizes for ruining her Survivor game and gets ready for bed. So Andrea asks if there is room on the bed for 4 people (which there is), but Ralph tells her no. He tells us that because of what the Ometepes did back in the game, she can sleep on the ground. He feels like she can go through what he had to go through. And to add insult to injury, he tells her that she was like toilet paper to Rob, he wiped his ass with her and now he's done. Yeah...stay classy, Ralph.

Thank God we have a Probst sighting! It is Redemption Island duel time. Before the duel begins, Jeff asks Andrea how it feels to be there. She gets all teary eyed because everyone "up there" lied to my face. She feels betrayed and it's just awful! I absolutely HATE this part of the game. Lying to someone's face and betraying them would have been just fine with Andrea, if they'd done it to Phillip. Or Ashley. Or Grant. But they did it to here! *sob* And how could they do it? And Oh My God, it's horrible! Just frickin' stop it. It's part of the game. It's a part of the game that you were completely comfortable with yesterday when you didn't think it was your name being written down. I just can't stand that nonsense. But I digress...

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