Survivor: Redemption Island

Too Close For Comfort

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 12, 2011

I was born a Furry. I had no choice in the matter.

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We come back from break and Stealth R Us is off to get the Tree Mail. Grant tells us that he's shocked to think that Stealth R Us could make it to the end. Rob tells us about Ashley wanting to get rid of Grant. He tells us Ashley has had a free ride for 35 days and that's about to end. The mail about the challenge tells them nothing. Ashley tells us that she might need to win immunity today. But she has Natalie to tell her when something's coming. Natalie and Rob have another talk where he says that Ashley has to go. He doesn't like what she's doing to her and that no matter what happens, he has her back. As they're talking, Ashley shows up and Rob instantly starts talking about some kind of caramel sauce cake. He tells us that he sees more and more of Ashley influencing Natalie and he doesn't like it. "After 35 days of having this pain in my ass, I'm finally gonna get some relief tonight."

Probst Sighting!! Today's immunity challenge is an interesting one. They will use large fishhooks to retrieve bags with fish bones puzzle pieces in them. They will then use those fish bones to complete a fishbone puzzle. And, they'll do it with one hand tied behind their back. Also, there is a reward. The winner will have a 3 course meal delivered to them at camp. Worth playing for? Or course it is.


Once the challenge gets going, it's easier to explain. The fishhooks are similar to the game (and I'm going to date myself here) A Barrel Full of Monkeys. You know, where you have to use one hand and link the monkeys’ arms together to make as long a chain as possible? Well, they're doing it with hooks. They have to link a couple hooks, then hook their bag of pieces. Then open the bag with one hand and put the bones on a hanging fish skeleton. There are 3 sets of pieces and each string of hooks will get longer as they go. As usual, Grant jumps out to a lead, with Rob, Phillip and Ashley right behind. As usual, Natalie falls out of this challenge pretty quickly. Grant finishes the first section first, followed by Phillip and Rob. Phillip, Rob and Ashley now pass up Grant with their second bag of pieces. Ashley is first to finish the second section. Then Grant and Phillip move on with Rob falling behind. Natalie is still messing with the first section.

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