Survivor: Redemption Island

Too Close For Comfort

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 12, 2011

I was born a Furry. I had no choice in the matter.

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As Ashley gets her 3rd set of pieces, Jeff tells Natalie that she may as well just sit down and watch. Rob is now catching up as is Phillip. Grant has fallen off the pace. As Rob tries desperately to catch up, Ashley completes her puzzle and wins immunity. Shit! Oh yeah, and she gets to choose someone else to get room service with her. She picks, um...Natalie! Ultimately, who cares? With Ashley winning immunity, it looks like Grant is in some trouble, and I hate that.

As the tribe arrives back at camp, Rob is just messed up. Natalie and Ashley are celebrating. And Rob is just crushed. He even speaks to Grant in his confessional, "Grant, when you watch this, you're gonna realize I never wanted to do it this way, bud...even though it does break my heart, bud, I have to vote your ass off tonight." Rob and the girls talk about voting our Grant. Rob tells us that he's sick of doing the dirty work, because everyone else is too stupid to do it. He tells Phillip that he will work things out with Grant. And he lays it out to us that he has to explain everything to Phillip, and then confirm with everyone that Grant is the vote. Then go buddy up to Grant and pretend it's someone else. "It's a lot of work. It's exhausting."

Next we see him talking to Grant about voting for Natalie. Grant wants Natalie to go as he feels they HAVE to split up the girls. Grant feels that Phillip is on board and busting up this couple is definitely the way to go. Grant tells us that he looked Rob in the eye and shook his hand and knows that Rob is with him. Natalie is the vote. As Grant and Rob are solidifying their plan, a couple waiters show up with a meal for Ashley and Natalie. Pizza, nachos, shakes...more than they could possibly eat. And this has me wondering...why not share it with everyone? Would they get in trouble? I mean, if you're Natalie and you're trying to convince Rob that you're with him and not Ashley, wouldn't you offer the Robfather some food? I have to say, I'm beginning to wonder if Natalie IS with Rob or not. Hmmmm....


After watching them eat for a while, we see the aftermath, which is both girls feeling sick. Heh heh. Listening to them moan, Rob tells them to eat a lot. And looks at Grant, "I hope you frickin' choke on it." He is a constant source of entertainment, that's for sure. He tells us that he is REALLY not liking how close Ashley and Natalie are getting. Ashley is telling Natalie that they need to hook up with the person from Redemption Island. She hopes that the person comes back tomorrow; otherwise Rob will want to split them up. Natalie looks completely weird during this conversation. Hmmm...maybe she IS still with Rob.

Natalie does not like the position that she's in right now. Rob asks her what's going on with Ashley. She tells Rob that Ashley wants it to be the 2 of them. Rob continues to plant the seed in Natalie that he's got her back and Ashley has to go soon. And as if he heard their conversation, Rob is concerned that the girls may join up with the Redemption Island person and decide they don't need him anymore. So he feels like it may be more advantageous to break up the girls right now while he has the chance. He feels pretty good about tonight as he will decide who goes home. He says (and I know...this is a Rob quote-fest this week...get over it), "One man should not have this much power in this game. Thankfully, I'm not an ordinary man." Ya gotta love the guy.

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