Survivor: Redemption Island

Too Close For Comfort

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 12, 2011

I was born a Furry. I had no choice in the matter.

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Today's duel is one of those maze things that they have to move a handle through. Once they get the handle out, they will use it to smash a tile. Under that tile is a bag of puzzle pieces that they will use to make a puzzle. First 3 to complete their puzzle stay in the game. Last person goes to the jury. This does not look like an easy puzzle either. As I see it, I can't help but think that Ralph is in trouble.

As the challenge begins, Ralph jumps out to a big lead on the maze. Andrea is having trouble, while Matt is calm as he can possibly be. Mike is the next one finished with his maze and begins working on his puzzle. Next is Matt and then a minute or so later, Andrea gets her puzzle pieces. Despite the crazy head start on the puzzle, Ralph finds himself trailing on the puzzle. And for the 3rd (or maybe 4th) duel in a row, Mike is the first one finished with this challenge and stays in the game. And within seconds, both Matt and Andrea finish their puzzle. So it's sayonara to Ralph.

Hey Ralph, how's that Survivor karma taste, buddy? The island doesn't like people being ignorant for the sake of being ignorant. (Just ask Russell about that.) It doesn't like tribes throwing challenges. It did not like what you pulled with Andrea last night and it took its revenge. (Sorry...had a John Locke moment there.)


Before moving on, I just have to say that the complete calm that Matt shows during these duels is a lesson that any future Survivor player should take in. He never panics. He never rushes. He keeps his cool and focuses on the task at hand, and it's gotten him through eleventy-three duels now. Oh, and Mike...this marine doesn't look like he can be beat. Things are gonna get interesting on Redemption Island real soon. As everyone heads back to camp, Rob tells us that he has more heart than anyone out there, but he is done with Redemption Island and wants to end as soon as possible so he can get back to the real game.

We come back from the commercials to a crocodile apparently attacking a duck. I'm sure this symbolizes something, but I'm a little too disturbed to think about what it could be. They are discussing cooking the rice and Ashley says they don't have enough to last past Day 36. Phillip chimes in that they have to consider that their tribe is going to keep getting smaller, so they have to think about that when rationing. Rob tells us that the Zapateras ate too much rice while they were there, so the portions are getting smaller. Ashley's complaints about the rice get Rob and Grant talking about how Ashley has to go. They are worried about the duo of Ashley and Natalie. As Rob and Grant are planning the demise of everyone on the island, Ashley must have pulled Phillip's string, because he is getting fired up.

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