Survivor: Redemption Island

Too Close For Comfort

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 12, 2011

I was born a Furry. I had no choice in the matter.

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He says that they have to eat something and that Grant specifically needs to eat, because they need him to be strong if Mike comes back into the game. Ashley sarcastically says that she'll give up her rice then. Phillip counters telling her that wasn't the point. The point is that, as smaller people, she and Natalie don't need as many calories as someone of Grant's size and that they should think about that. In a normal world, this would probably be the end of the conversation. But in a world where Phillip has to have the last word, and Ashley has to be right...this explodes.

To Phillip's credit, he tried to walk away. But as Ashley continues on about not eating because she's a girl, he has to come back to defend what he said. Again, to Phillip's credit, all he said was Grant needs more calories per day then the girls do. And he's not wrong. What gets me here and I think it's what has bothered me from the beginning with Ashley, is she is just straight up ignorant to people. The way she brushes her hand at someone as if to dismiss them.

The way every disagreement with her degenerates into an insult slinging contest. What ends up happening is Phillip starts attacking her on why she only argues with him and never with Rob...even though they can be saying the same thing. He says it's because she wants something from Rob. I think he's right again here. I think if Rob had come up to her and suggested that Grant get a bigger portion because the tribe needs his strength to beat Mike (or Matt or whoever), not only would she have agreed, she'd have gotten up immediately and starting cooking Grant's rice. Now, maybe Phillip has earned this kind of treatment. I could see an argument for that. I'm just so anti-Ashley right now, I can't even describe it!


As Ashley walks away screaming "Psycho!!!” Rob tells us that Phillip is crazy. "Not n-word crazy. Just crazy." He goes on, "Ashley and Natalie are getting too close for comfort. The best thing for me to do is split the two of them up. So instead of picking on one of them, he picks on both of them. Instead of driving those to apart, he drives them closer together. Phillip, stop making so much work for me." LOVE it!

The next thing we see is Rob talking to Natalie about getting rid of Ashley. If she talks about anything except getting rid of Phillip, he wants Natalie to come to him. He tells Natalie that Grant is skeptical of Ashley and she will probably have to be the next vote. Ashley tells us that she and Natalie go back to the beginning of the game. She's worried that Natalie is leaning too hard on Rob and that she is way smarter than that. She wants to make a big move and get rid of a strong competitor.

Ashley goes to Rob and suggests that Grant might be the smart move. He says it's something to consider, but they should sleep on it and see how it goes tomorrow. He tells us that Ashley has to go and no discussion of Grant will change that. Next up we see Rob telling Grant what her plan is. They talk about how they have to win the rest of the way to insure they can boot whoever they want. Grant tells us that Ashley is a dark person and she's ridden coat tails long enough. He'll be happy to send her ass to Redemption.

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