Survivor: Redemption Island

Too Close For Comfort

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 12, 2011

I was born a Furry. I had no choice in the matter.

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We begin Tribal Council with Jeff asking Ashley about having immunity 35 days into the game. She says that she feels like she really needed to win this one. Grant feels like he needed immunity pretty bad as he's a threat at challenges. Rob feels vulnerable and the only thing he has going for him is that Grant is a bigger threat than him. He asked Ashley if there was a reaction to her choosing Natalie to give the food to. She says that it's no secret that she and Natalie are so close. Phillip says that they all knew she would share the reward with Natalie. Jeff then asks a very pivotal question, "So Natalie, then it's probably a natural assumption that you and Ashley would vote together as well?" She admits that the guys may want to split them up because of that.

Grant says that he comes in with a solid group of people and he hopes that their word is their bond. Jeff asks Rob what gets him through this. He says his wife and daughter. He talks about her sacrificing so he can keep playing this game. He feels like he's so close to the end, but so far away. Grant says that his soon to be wife is what gets him through at this point. As the big guy gets choked up, I'm even more pissed to think that Ashley will stay tonight and Grant is likely to go home. I'm really annoyed!

And with that, it's time to vote. We see Grant's vote for Natalie and Ashley's vote for Grant. She says he is too strong a competitor and too big of a threat. I'll go listen as Jeff reads the votes. First vote, Natalie. Second and third vote Grant. 15th person voted out of Survivor: Redemption Island - Grant. With a quick, "See you guys real soon." Grant is gone to Redemption.


A couple things go through my mind here. First is that I hate to see Grant go. He's played a very solid under the radar game. He's excelled in challenges and he's been right there with Rob making decisions. He hasn't lied to anyone and he has always been nice to everyone. I sincerely hope that he's the one that makes it back from Redemption. That being said, I can't wait to see the reactions AT Redemption when they see Grant come walking in, knowing full well that he's likely to kick their ass in any challenge put forward. He is the LAST person I'd want to hear walk into my Redemption Island camp.

Next time on Survivor: Someone wins! That's right; the finale is this Sunday, May 15th at 7pm. It's a 2-hour finale, followed by 15 minutes of Russell, 15 minutes of Phillip, 20 minutes of Rob and 5-7 minutes of everyone else. Oh yeah, and a promo for next season. Seriously though, the previews suggest that the Redemption Island person may come back after the next duel. Which makes sense. In a situation where you could potentially have 2 alliances of 2 people, throwing a swing vote in the middle of everything could be VERY interesting. I just wonder if Grant would be willing to rejoin Stealth R Us if he's the one to return. If nothing else, we only have 4 days to wait. Be sure to check out my Survivor Finale Power Rankings this weekend and then tune in early next week for the final recaps of the Redemption Island season. Till then...take care!

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