Survivor: Nicaragua

This Is Going To Hurt

December 18, 2010

I'm gonna make how much in endorsement deals?

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Hello, good people, and thank you for joining me for my final recap of the season. That's right; David and Kim will be back for the finale to give you their views on the last couple episodes. But for now, let's get this thing to the final five, shall we?

Previously on Remedial Survivor, Sash was stuck in between two three-person alliances. One alliance had two, possibly three, people that could beat him. The other alliance offered no real competition, save Fabio. Naturally, Sash chose the team that can beat him and joined forces with Jane, Holly and Chase in voting out Benry. While the loss of Benry could only serve to improve the program, it wasn't in Sash's best interest to join an alliance where everyone could kick his ass. However, this being the JV Season of Survivor, we should expect nothing less.

As is the new custom, let's break down the odds for each player remaining.

Holly - 3 to 1. I see no reason to change the folks at the top. Holly was my favorite last week and her alliance came out on top last week, so there's nothing to suggest her position would be any weaker.

Jane - 4 to 1. While I'm beginning to get tired of Jane, I seem to be the only one. She's still in a fantastic position to take home the million.

Sash - 8 to 1. Sash made his move to join the girls' alliance. Despite the fact that he should be fourth in the pecking order, Chase hasn't shown he can make a coherent decision to save his soul. Because of that, I think Sash is sitting a little better than Chase.


Chase - 12 to 1. He gets odds this good because he's in the power alliance and has an immunity idol. His best shot is to win challenges until there are no more. OR, hope that his Carolina grandma wins some and carries him to the final.

Dan - 25 to 1. Dan's still alive, believe it or not. At this point, he and Fabio are screwed. Dan gets higher odds because he's not a threat at all. I would be interested to see Dan make the finals. I'd love to hear his "why I should win" argument.

Jud (Fabio) - 50 to 1. Fabio is our big dropper this week. Being a force in the challenges means that as soon as Fabio loses a challenge, he's toast. That's really a shame too, because of the people left, he's the only one I would like to see win the million.

Okay, previews for tonight's episode show family members coming to visit and Jane losing her mind. Let's see what could possibly cause her to put out her fire, by God.

Before we even get to the actual episode, the opening is all about Chase being indecisive and not very smart. Oh boy...either Chase is going home, or he makes yet another boneheaded decision. Which will it be?

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