Survivor: Nicaragua

This Is Going To Hurt

December 18, 2010

I'm gonna make how much in endorsement deals?

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And guess what time it is? Immunity time. For today's challenge, they'll all be blindfolded and will have to make it over and under several hitching rails. At the end of the track is a shield with several symbols on it. They have to feel out the symbols, grab a bag of loose symbols, make their way back through the hitching rails and then reconstruct their shield - all while blindfolded. By the way, did I mention that each set of pieces contains more pieces than they need? Oh yeah, there are decoy pieces in there.

Fabio is the first to his shield, but Jane is the first to start working on her shield. Fabio then gets started; meanwhile, Chase is taking a long time to study the original shield. Holly seems to have lost one of her bags, so she's kinda stuck. Fabio, however, is making some pretty good progress. Everyone else is now back and working on their shield. Holly finally finds her bag. Uh oh, Fabio has one wrong piece on his shield. He's doing well, except for that one piece. Chase's extra time seems to have paid off as he's catching up quickly. Fabio finishes and Jeff tells him he's wrong. He only has that 1 piece wrong and he goes back to it. Amazingly enough, he goes right to the wrong piece and replaces it with the right one and Fabio wins immunity. WOO HOO!!!

As they get back to camp, Sash tells us that Fabio's win completely screws up their plan. Chase is talking to Fabio saying that Dan is done and should go. Fabio says why not vote Jane out tonight and Dan tomorrow? He challenges him, suggesting that Chase really wants to keep her around and that's why he's suggesting Dan. Chase takes a walk with Sash and is whining about Fabio's plan to dump Jane. Sash does not agree that Dan is a bigger threat and says that Jane has to go sooner or later. Holly joins the pow-wow and she and Sash try to convince Chase that if she goes to the finale, none of them will win the million.


As they're talking, Jane comes up to make sure that they're still four. She is met with the worst poker faces ever. When she asks straight up whether or not they're voting Dan out, no one will tell her anything. Obviously, she knows she's the one now. Chase, pussy that he is, says that he doesn't want to do it, but the others seem to. Sash tells her that they all feel like she'll beat them out of the million dollars. She flips them off and then in a teary confessional tells us how they are serious liars, cheats and backstabbers.

Okay, I have to chime in now. Over the last few weeks, Jane has been starting to grate on me. This week pretty much solidifies it for me. She tries to play the southern girl thing up, but she's every bit as greedy and obnoxious as everyone else out there. THIS. IS. SURVIVOR. You vote out the threats. That's how it goes. She had no problem writing down anyone else's name. She had no problem cutting Brenda's head off a couple weeks ago. Now that it's her turn, everyone is a bunch of liars and backstabbers. Um, Jane...they're telling you ahead of time. Very few players get that courtesy. Very few players are seen as such a threat that everyone on the island knows that person has to go or they can't win the million. I know you've got your panties in a bunch, but THIS IS SURVIVOR.

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