Survivor: Nicaragua

This Is Going To Hurt

December 18, 2010

I'm gonna make how much in endorsement deals?

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And once again, Chase completely screws the pooch. How is this idiot allowed to stay in the game? Any real cast would have dumped this wishy-washy douchebag weeks ago. I mean, why promise Fabio that you'd take him if you had no intention of it? Is he THAT ignorant that all he was doing was hedging his bets so HE could go? If that's the case, he's worse than stupid, he's downright mean. Knowing that Jud doesn't get to see his mom, it's pretty shitty of someone to prey on that and then turn around and stab him in the face. That's pretty low. On a positive, Chase has done something for me that no one had been able to do yet this season, give me someone to REALLY root for. I'm totally on the Fabio train now and I hope he sweeps the rest of the challenges and then gets to sit next to Chase at the finale and take the million right from him. If there is a Survivor Karma God, this will happen, I just know it.

We come back from break to the Survivors back at camp. Fabio wonders aloud why Chase keeps taking Holly on every reward. Dan says it's because he has no use for the three of them anymore. Fabio is VERY upset that Chase screwed him over on this one. Dan actually makes a move. He tells Fabio, in front of Jane, "forget you, forget me...he did it to Jane." Jane goes on to say that this was her daughter's last summer at home and she is also very upset that Chase didn't pick her. She's even more pissed that he had no intention of taking her or he wouldn't have promised Fabio. She tells us that she feels like she's the fourth in a four-person alliance and that worries her.


As we leave the sour grape portion of the program, we go to the sweet watermelon portion. Everyone is so thankful for going and they all cheer to them being the final three. Chase takes a second to point out that he could have earned jury votes, but he stuck with them. MY GOD, this guy's an idiot. They lay out their plans to the loved ones that they plan to be the final three and that while Jane is their fourth person, the real alliance is right here. Chase's mom toasts and wishes them all luck and that Chase wins. And now it's time for everyone to go home and Chase gets to go back to some seriously pissed off tribe mates. Maybe Jane will skewer him and eat him. We could only be so lucky.

They come back to camp and everyone seems to be asleep. But Fabio isn't. He asks Chase how it was, "buddy." Chase says it was great. Fabio explains, "That was a rhetorical question, cause I know it was great." He goes on to tell him he's a bit frustrated that Chase didn't take him. He tells him he sees his mom like twice a year. He then tells us that he has to get over it, because you can't hold a grudge out here. His whole plan is to go out and try like hell to win immunity.

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