Survivor: Nicaragua

This Is Going To Hurt

December 18, 2010

I'm gonna make how much in endorsement deals?

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Of course, Jane isn't done yet. She's pissed at the world and they will feel her wrath. She tells us how Sash's mom has raised a damn liar. She hasn't stabbed anyone in the back and she's very proud of that. And before they head to Tribal, she grabs the water buckets and pours them all over the fire. Dan is practically drowned in smoke. "By God, I started it, I'll put it out." Way to stay classy, Jane. Ya know, I get it. Getting betrayed by your alliance sucks. But what did you expect? "Here ya go Jane, here's the million. We're just happy to have played the game with you." I mean, really? Tribal Council ought to be spectacular.

Jeff asks Dan how crazy things were. He stutters a little bit and then just says, "Nevermind." Jeff ain't having that. "Give it to me or I'll dig." He tells Jeff that Jane put the fire out before they left. She then asks for her say. She goes on about loyalty, liars and backstabbers. She tells Jeff that she's getting voted out so she's gonna spill it. She calls out Holly stealing Dan's shoes back at the beginning of the game and says in the real world, you'd go to jail. She's pissed that her alliance is turning on her. Probst asks Chase about this. Chase says that she was in a four-way alliance and that they decided it was best for them to send her home. Chase says that Fabio or Dan would be next and then looks to Sash and Holly for their support. After a long pause and some VERY awkward looks, they agree that this seems to be the plan. I mean, are you really kidding me?? How stupid is this guy? You don't sit there and outline your entire game strategy at Tribal Council!


So, Jeff asks what he says his own mom would ask, "Why don't they have their own alliance and do something or force a vote?" Jane suggests that the three of them vote Holly out since the guys each have idols. Apparently this is the final night to play an idol. Dan says it would make sense to form this alliance with Jane. Holly admits that she feels nervous now that their wheels are spinning. Chase (surprise, surprise) doesn't know what's going on. Fabio is holding on to immunity and it's time to vote.

We see none of the votes as they are cast. Both Sash and Chase play their idols, so they can't be voted out. When Jeff tallies the votes, it's a 5-1 vote to send Jane packing. Oddly enough, Jane voted for Sash. What kind of sense does that make?? I'm sure some people will think that Dan and Fabio were incredibly stupid for not forcing a tie here. With the last segment of my interim status, I'll respectfully disagree. Jane was a huge threat to win this game. Other than maybe Holly, Jane beats everyone else out there. Period. Throw in the fact that she's solid in the challenges and if the final challenge is a test of wills (as they often are), is there any doubt that she could win it? And then what have Dan and Fabio done? They've hitched their wagon to a horse they can't beat. You may only have this one chance to get her out of the game and her own alliance is down with it. You take that opportunity and work on Sash in the morning. Or, you just team up with Holly and Sash and agree that Chase is an idiot and needs to go, and then go mano y mano in the final Tribal. Either way, Jane was too dangerous to live in this game any longer. I, for one, am glad she's gone. Her charm wore off for me a long time ago, and her actions and words in this episode turned me off to the point of actually disliking her.

I'd like to thank David and Kim for turning the recaps over to me for the last couple weeks. I hope you've enjoyed them and I'm sure I'll see you down the road as the Survivor: Rob vs. Russell rumors are growing and growing. Until then, take care!

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