Survivor: Nicaragua

This Is Going To Hurt

December 18, 2010

I'm gonna make how much in endorsement deals?

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The actual episode starts as many often do, joining the tribe at camp after Tribal. Sash is telling Fabio that Benry was targeting him and letting Fabs know that he has his back. Sash then tells us that he's in control of the game and that Fabio is gone next if he doesn't win the challenge. Fabio tells us that he thinks the rest of the tribe thinks he's more gullible and naive than he is. He can't wait to show them and having them trying to figure out how he beat them. Cue the theme.

Back from break and the tribe is gathered around a shameless product placement. They have a cell phone with, drum roll, videos from home. I'm constantly amazed that the Survivors see a cell phone every season and are surprised that their loved ones are there. Obviously, the challenge will center on family visits. After they all watch their video and shed some tears, it's time to talk Reward Challenge strategy. Fabio asks Chase who he'll take if he wins. Chase and Fabio agree that they'll take each other and Sash if they win. I can't help but think this is some kind of foreshadowing. Hmmmm...

Probst sighting! As the tribe shows up for the challenge, Jeff takes the phone back and tells them they can take the phone to a place they've never been before. They'll cruise down the coast of Nicaragua; have some great food and some great company. And again, they're surprised. Really?? This truly is Survivor for Beginners. As they're all reunited, the most touching of all seems to be Fabio and his mom. Jeff takes a moment to let her know that her son is no longer Jud, he's now Fabio. Chase and Sash are joined by their moms. Dan has his son and Jane has her daughter there. And finally, Holly's husband is also there. And after all the tears and hugs and all that, we still have a challenge to get to, so let's do it.


As it turns out, the loved ones will be playing in this challenge. The Survivors will have to dive into a pool and retrieve 2 bags of lettered tiles. Once back with both bags, the loved ones will have to unscramble the tiles to create a familiar phrase. First one done wins reward.

Chase, Fabio and Sash are first out with their bags. Holly and Jane are behind and Dan is WAY behind. Fabio, Chase and Sash have all their letters back fast. Holly and Jane are right behind. Dan is pretty far behind, but he does get all the letters back. Everyone is pretty close to figuring it out. It comes down to a race between Chase's mom and Holly's husband. Chase's mom has "Family Comes First" and they are the winners. And of course, they can't go alone, just the two of them. Chase has to choose someone to go with him. He says that since Sash hasn't been on a reward in a long time, so he's taking Sash and his mom. (This is to makeup from the last one, for sure.) Jeff then tells Chase to pick someone else, so he chooses, Holly?? Dan has the best reaction, "He's a scumbag." Jeff points out that Fabio is really upset. Turns out that Fabio and his mom live in different states and don't get to see each other very much. He looks at Chase and says, "Nah, man, you know I would have taken you and your mom cause I know how much your mom means to you, dude." His mom actually has to calm him down. She tells him to get his head in the game as they have their last embrace. Dan, Jane and Fabio are sent back to camp, and the rest are sent on their cruise.

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