Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

This Camp is Cursed

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 22, 2008

We know this isn't GC, but we had to use this picture. Look at that freakin' Skeletor!

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Hello, good people, and welcome to a horribly late edition of Survivor: Gabon. Sure, I'm late as hell, but think of it this'll have two recaps from me in a teeny little 72 hour span, and that's always a good thing. Anyway, how 'bout getting to what we came for. Previously on Survivor: the tribes were asked to rank their members, which led to the schoolyard pick 'em for new tribes. When all was said and done, Ace, Kelly and Jacque were sent to purgatory, aka Fang, and Sugar went away to Exile Island to await a challenge, Tribal and vote to see what tribe she would return to. Despite the new look tribes; the result was the same as Randy helped his new Kota teammates skunk Fang in a little water-lacrosse-bumper boat game. With yet another trip to Tribal in the works, the Fang tribe had to decide between the hard-working challenge powerhouse Jacque and the lazy, absolutely challenge-useless and monumentally stupid, Kelly. Needless to say, Jacque was sent packing and the Fang tribe took one more step toward extinction. Which Fang member will be voted out tonight?

We begin at Fang after Tribal Council and Ace is feeling out there with his girl gone. He thinks they were afraid of his alliance with Jacque. Of course, he has a much tighter alliance with Sugar and she has the idol. Enter Sugar and she's totally bummed to see Kelly instead of Jacque. Talk turns to how Exile Island was. She says it was good this time because she stayed in the Sugar Shack this time. Are you freaking kidding me? Why not just come back to camp with the idol around your neck? When you come back from Exile and tell them you didn't look for the idol it's for one of two reasons: because you're amazingly lazy, or because you already have the idol. Way to go Sugar! No one was thinking much of you, but now you're big and bold on EVERYone's radar. To emphasize the point, Crystal tells us she'll be keeping an eye on her. Cue the sun...


We come back from the credits to check in with the Kota tribe. Bob is fishing and brings in an impressive haul. And while this next segment is pretty interesting, it shows how boring life is for the dominating tribe. One of the fish Bob brings in is apparently electric. So after Bob got the charge, everyone took turns shocking themselves. It was like live action Beavis and Butthead. Speaking of Beavis, Randy is telling up how great the new Kota tribe is and how well they were welcomed. He says that he expects them to vote the Fang members out first, but he'll do his best to adapt.

Back over at Fang we have one of the coolest moments ever films on Survivor, in my opinion. And I guarantee my retelling of it will not do it justice. As Matty is out in the jungle, he stumbles on a couple of elephants right across a small stream from them. As the elephant tears down some smaller trees, Matty and Ace decide to hop in the boat for a closer look. While we've all seen elephants at the zoo, I can't imagine the rush I would have coming that close to a wild elephant. "It's magnificent!" Indeed it is, Matty, indeed it is. He tells how much an encounter like this makes him appreciate where he is. And with that...

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