Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

This Camp is Cursed

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 22, 2008

We know this isn't GC, but we had to use this picture. Look at that freakin' Skeletor!

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We come back from break to the dejected Fang tribe. GC tells us about losing and going to Tribal and how much he's not looking forward to it. We then see GC telling Matty to vote him out as he's ready to leave the game. He says he wants to get back to life and focus on what's important. Matty shares the news with Crystal and she's pissed. Like he wants them to beg him to stay. He can just go. She says to just vote him out. She tells Ken about it and lets Ken know that GC can go home for all she cares.

Ken then passes it to Kelly and Ace and Sugar talk about it as well. They think it's fun to watch the tribe eat themselves. As they talk about how to play the idol, Ace asks her where it is. She says it's in her bag. As they go for a swim, Crystal takes it upon herself to go through Sugar's bag and finds the idol. With Matty, Kelly and Ken around, the four of them now have some ill-gotten information and it becomes a question of what to do with it. And if I may, for a second, discuss this whole "going through someone's bag" thing. This is bullshit! I know I say it EVERY time it happens, but this just really pisses me off. I realize this is a game and it's a cutthroat game at that. But shit, is nothing sacred? Can a person not have even one tiny shred of privacy? I SO wish Probst and Burnett would make going through player's belongings a banned activity. I have no respect for ANY player that would sink so low as to go through someone else's shit. So Crystal, screw you. And Matty, Ken and Kelly...screw you too. You should have had the decency to make her stop.

With all that being said...Sugar, darlin' you WANT them to know you have the idol? You damn near confessed to it after Tribal and now you leave your bag out in the open for anyone to look through??? One last point to ponder. If I ever got on this show, my luxury item would be a little wooden totem on a leather strap. I'd come to the island with it in my bag wrapped in a small crappy towel. That way, if I got sent to Exile Island, I could leave the trinket in my bag for everyone to find. While having the idol is a huge advantage, having everyone THINK you have the idol could be just as huge.


Of course, this is the Fang tribe, so we can surely expect them to screw up this information. They all decide that tonight is the time to blind side Sugar. But at the same time, GC has to go. Matty and Kelly, while realizing the impact of the idol, both still feel that it's more important to dump GC.

The first question at Tribal is to Ace about the wear and tear of 15 days in the game. He says that you can see it as people are getting skinnier and belt loops are too loose. GC agrees that it's tough and that it's really hard out there and how much he'd love to be with his family and friends. Sugar spills the beans that GC is ready to go home. He says that he's suffered a lot in life and he thinks he might have suffered enough. Jeff asks Matty if it's tough to hear a teammate want to go home. He says that there is no quitting and that you have to eliminate that as an option.

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