Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

This Camp is Cursed

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 22, 2008

We know this isn't GC, but we had to use this picture. Look at that freakin' Skeletor!

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Jeff turns to Sugar about all her time spent on Exile. He asks her if that's concerning to her. She says that she feels like she could be the one to go. Jeff asks Ken if it's frustrating that Sugar keeps going to Exile. He says that it's very frustrating. Jeff asks Sugar about the idol and she mentions that no one's asked her about it. She says that since it's known that people can go through your bags, she's not too surprised no one has asked her. He asks her if her bag has been gone through and she says she doesn't know. The bag has been out in the open and she's fine with that. Crystal says that it's crazy to leave your bag out like that. Sugar simply says that sometimes it might be just as good for people to know you have the idol. And with that, it's time to vote.

The first vote we see is Sugar's vote for GC. She says she's only voting for him because he wants to go home. GC votes for Kelly saying that he has to vote for someone. Those are the only votes we see, which leads you to believe they're going to go ahead and get rid of GC. Of course, a double-cross on Sugar probably wouldn't be known to GC. Jeff asks if anyone would like to play the idol and after a few seconds, no one does. As it turns out, GC's vote for Kelly was the only vote NOT for GC and GC becomes the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Gabon. This vote was pretty much a no-brainer. Sure, you'd like to get rid of the idol, but the bottom line is you have to get rid of the cancer in your tribe. And GC was the cancer of the Fang tribe. If left out there, he would have festered and gotten worse. With his ouster, the tribe will get along better and will likely perform better in challenges.


Next time on Survivor: Ace forges a pact with Matty and then tries to talk Sugar into giving him the idol. As he tells us that he has "complete supremacy", you almost have to think she actually gives to him. And won't that rank up there with the dumbest moves in Survivor history. But, I'll wait until it actually happens before I rant about it. And with this recap taking so long, I won't have to wait long. Til Thursday, take care!

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