Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

This Camp is Cursed

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 22, 2008

We know this isn't GC, but we had to use this picture. Look at that freakin' Skeletor!

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Probst sighting!! As Kota gets a look at the Fang tribe minus Jacque, Marcus quickly whispers "focus on the challenge, we'll talk about it later" to Charlie and Corinne. Jeff asks them about the surprise of Jacque being gone and Marcus mentions that it's definitely a surprise considering how she performed in the challenge. Speaking of the challenge, let's get to this one. Each tribe will have a bin of fruit. One member will have to throw it to another member; meanwhile, an opposing person will have a bat and be trying to knock the fruit out of the air. They'll have to go through two portions like this with two batsmen. Once through both parts, the fruit (if it has not hit the ground) will be put in a basket. The tribe with the most fruit (determined by weight) will win the challenge. Wanna know what they're playing for? They're playing for an herb garden and some oils for cooking. Also, the winning tribe will get to keep their fruit. Let's get to it.

Swinging the bat for Fang will be Crystal and Ace. For Kota, Bob and Charlie. As the challenge begins, the Kota tribe has no trouble getting by Crystal, but Ace rejects everything they toss. The Fang tribe is flying through the course and Charlie can't hit anything. Finally, Marcus suggests to his team that they throw more than one piece at the same time. As Ace knocks one out of the sky, the other piece gets through to Randy. Fang is steadily getting fruit in their basket while Kota starts going for the heavier fruit like watermelons and pineapple. Once both teams figured it out, it's hard to say who will actually win this one. As time expires, Jeff begins to weigh the fruit and he starts with Fang. They collected 16 pounds of fruit. Next up is Kota and with the final two pineapples, they top out at 18 pounds and Kota wins reward. Seriously though, was there ever a doubt? Last thing is for Kota to send someone to Exile. Dan turns around and says they should just start sending her mail there and they send Sugar back again. When asked why, Dan jokes, "Comedy." But he comes back to say he figures that if she keeps going, her tribe will force her to play the idol sometime before the merge and they like the idea of having the idol out of play.


We come back from break to the Kota tribe. Charlie tells us he feels bad for the Fang tribe. Dan speaks up to the tribe to about how he wants this Kota tribe to stick together. And that they'll all need to stay together after the merge. Marcus agrees that the next challenge is an important one. He then tells us that it's hard to believe Dan when he talks about his need to give his complete devotion to Kota. He also says that Susie is just the opposite and is harder to read. As the tribe feasts on fresh fruit, Randy tells us that he once again kicked butt in the challenge and that his plan is to stay quiet and be helpful to the tribe. He also tells us that he plans on sticking with the Kota yellow until the end.

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