Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

This Camp is Cursed

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 22, 2008

We know this isn't GC, but we had to use this picture. Look at that freakin' Skeletor!

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Out on Exile, Sugar is pleased as punch to be there. She is absolutely loving life out on Exile. She's eating and sleeping well. Swimming and having a blast. She mentions that she has the idol, so she'd have to be real dumb to get sent home next. DOH!!!

Back at Fang, it seems there's an argument brewing between Crystal and GC over eating rice. She tells him to eat his rice and he tells her not to tell him to do nothing. For real? We're really gonna have THIS kind of obnoxiousness? GC then tells us that this game is way harder than he ever expected and that having to deal with the people is the worst. As the tribe discusses GC's implosion, Ace tells us that he's sitting back enjoying the show. As Crystal tries to make nice with GC, he tells us that he feels like this game is changing him and he can't wait to get back home. Oh we have yet ANOTHER quitter in our midst?

We come back from break to Fang receiving tree mail. The mail comes with a little stick ball and they all seem to think they'll be in the ball. But that plays second fiddle to the newest Fang crisis. Where the hell is GC? It's time to leave for a challenge and GC is no where to be found. He took off in the tribe boat and they can't find him anywhere. They're told that they have less than five minutes to find him or they'll have to leave without him. As Ken, Kelly and Matty are trying to scream for him, Crystal and Ace think it's a waste of time and energy and they should just let him go. And as much as I would have loved to see him AWOL for the challenge, Chucklenut shows up just in time to leave.


Probst sighting!! Today's challenge is a simple one. Each tribe will have five balls to throw down a huge grassy Plinko board. At the end of the course are gates with different point values. The twist on this is that there will be one member from each tribe on the course to stop the balls as they come down. The bigger twist? They'll be blindfolded. Ace will be defending for Fang with Sugar calling to him. Randy will call to Dan for Kota. Each team will throw five balls. Highest score after that wins. First up are Matty and Charlie. Charlie's yellow ball glides through into the two point bin. Matty hits the five point bin. Susie and GC are up next. Dan stops the red ball while the yellow ball gets past Ace for two points. Sugar and Ace are having trouble with their communication while Randy has Dan playing an awesome game.

Kelly and Marcus are up next. This time, Dan stops his own team's ball, while the Fang ball gets through for two more points. Fang is ahead 7-4. Crystal and Corinne are the next throwers. Randy guides Dan right to the red ball, while Ace bangs his head on Dan's shield and lets the yellow ball through for two more points. So, with one ball to throw, Fang is ahead 7-6. Throwing this time will be Kenny and Bob. In what may be one of he more brilliant challenge performances ever, Randy guides Dan right to the Fang ball and Dan stops it cold. With the Fang ball stopped, Randy then yells, "Freeze Ace, freeze Ace" and Ace stops dead and allows the yellow ball to roll into the two point bin for an 8-7 victory for Kota. Jeff points out there have been five Tribal Councils and Fang has been at four of them.

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