Columns by Josh Spiegel
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Columns by Josh Spiegel

5/16/11 Classic Movie Review: Cabaret
5/2/11 Classic Movie Review: Gates of Heaven
4/18/11 Classic Movie Review: Dog Day Afternoon
4/3/11 Classic Movie Review: The Killing
3/7/11 Classic Movie Review: The Wild Bunch
3/1/11 In Contention
2/23/11 Best of Best Picture 2011
2/22/11 In Contention
2/21/11 Classic Movie Review: The Reluctant Dragon
2/15/11 In Contention
2/8/11 In Contention
2/7/11 Classic Movie Review: Rio Bravo
2/1/11 In Contention
1/25/11 In Contention
1/24/11 Classic Movie Review: Animal Crackers
1/18/11 In Contention
1/12/11 Versus: Tweeting Movie Reviews?
1/10/11 In Contention
1/10/11 Classic Movie Review: Make Way for Tomorrow
1/4/11 In Contention
12/28/10 In Contention
12/27/10 Classic Movie Review: Roman Holiday
12/21/10 In Contention
12/14/10 In Contention
12/13/10 Classic Movie Review: Royal Wedding
12/7/10 In Contention
11/29/10 Classic Movie Review: You Only Live Twice
11/15/10 Classic Movie Review: Metropolis
11/11/10 Versus: Toy Story 3 vs. How to Train Your Dragon
11/3/10 Classic Movie Review: Frankenstein
10/28/10 A-List: The Best Of Television
10/21/10 A-List: Great Horror Movies
10/14/10 A-List: Modern Performance Art
10/11/10 Classic Movie Review: Dracula
10/7/10 A-List: Anticipated Fall Movies
9/30/10 A-List: The Twitter Movie
9/28/10 Classic Movie Review: Forbidden Planet
9/23/10 A-List: Michael Douglas
9/16/10 A-List: Film Festival Finds
9/9/10 A-List: Actresses Under 30
9/2/10 A-List: Offscreen Couples
9/1/10 Classic Movie Review: The Odd Couple
8/19/10 A-List: Action Movies
8/18/10 Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
8/16/10 Classic Movie Review: Bonnie and Clyde
8/12/10 A-List: British Directors Who Make It Big in America
8/5/10 A-List: Future 3-D Conversions
8/2/10 Classic Movie Review: Chinatown
7/29/10 A-List: Worst Sequels Ever
7/22/10 A-List: Unpopular Opinions
7/15/10 A-List: Carte Blanche Movies
7/14/10 Classic Movie Review: The Red Shoes
7/8/10 A-List: Unlikely Action Heroes
7/2/10 A-List: Auteurs
6/24/10 A-List: Comebacks
6/21/10 Classic Movie Review: Kind Hearts and Coronets
6/17/10 A-List: Pixar
6/10/10 A-List: Cinematographers
6/7/10 Classic Movie Review: Song of the Thin Man
6/3/10 A-List: Movie Characters in Need of a Spin-Off
5/27/10 A-List: TV Shows That Should Become Movies
5/24/10 Classic Movie Review: Rebel Without A Cause
5/20/10 A-List: Future Careers For Lost Stars
5/13/10 A-List: Great Bad Movies
5/6/10 A-List: Event Movies That Don’t Disappoint
5/5/10 Classic Movie Review: A Streetcar Named Desire
4/29/10 A-List: Action Stars Who Work in Family Movies
4/22/10 A-List: Film Composers
4/20/10 Classic Movie Review: Walkabout
4/15/10 A-List: Bad Movie Ideas
4/8/10 A-List: Classic Movie Couples
4/5/10 Classic Movie Review: White Heat
4/1/10 A-List: Best Working Directors
3/25/10 A-List: Time Travel Movies
3/23/10 Classic Movie Review: A Matter of Life and Death
3/18/10 A-List: Movie Characters Who Would Be Crazy in Real Life
3/15/10 A-List: Movies That Should Be Left Alone
3/8/10 In Contention
3/5/10 A-List: Worst Post-Oscar Careers
3/2/10 In Contention
3/2/10 Josh Spiegel's 2009 Calvins Ballot
2/25/10 A-List: Great Losers in Film
2/22/10 In Contention
2/18/10 A-List
2/15/10 In Contention
2/11/10 A-List: Romantic Movies
2/9/10 In Contention
2/5/10 In Contention: The Academy Awards Nominations
2/4/10 A-List: Best Films of 2009 Part II
2/1/10 In Contention
1/26/10 In Contention
1/22/10 In Contention
1/21/10 A-List: Best Films of 2009 Part I
1/18/10 In Contention: The Golden Globes
1/15/10 In Contention
1/12/10 In Contention
1/8/10 In Contention
1/7/10 A-List: Most Anticipated Films of 2010
12/25/09 In Contention
12/24/09 A-List: Underrated Movies of the 2000s, Part Two
12/18/09 In Contention
12/17/09 A-List: Underrated Movies of the 2000s, Part One
12/11/09 In Contention
12/10/09 A-List: Best TV Shows of the 2000s
12/4/09 In Contention
12/3/09 A-List: Best TV Shows of the 2000s
11/27/09 Classic Movie Review: Little Caesar
11/26/09 A-List: The Ten Best Movies of the 2000s, Part Two
11/20/09 A-List: The Ten Best Movies of the 2000s
11/13/09 Classic Movie Review: Harold and Maude
11/12/09 A-List: George Clooney
11/5/09 A-List: More Actors Who Shouldn’t Play Ebenezer Scrooge
10/30/09 Classic Movie Review: The Exorcist
10/29/09 A-List: Scary Movies That Aren't Horror Movies
10/22/09 A-List: Female Film Directors
10/16/09 Classic Movie Review: Night of the Living Dead
10/15/09 A-List: Book Adaptations That Shouldn't Have Been
10/8/09 Classic Movie Review: Rashomon
10/8/09 A-List: Best Oscar Losers
10/1/09 A-List: Actors Turned Directors
9/24/09 A-List: TV Actors Who Should Be In More Movies
9/18/09 Classic Movie Review: Days of Heaven
9/17/09 A-List: Desert Island Top Five
9/10/09 A-List: Comfort Films
9/4/09 Classic Movie Review: How the West Was Won
9/3/09 A-List: Movies About Bad Jobs
8/27/09 A-List: Unnecessary Sequels
8/24/09 Classic Movie Review: The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
8/20/09 A-List: Actors Who Owe a Debt of Gratitude to Quentin Tarantino
8/13/09 A-List: Documentaries and Mocumentaries
8/7/09 Classic Movie Review: Laura
8/6/09 A-List: Meryl Streep
7/30/09 A-List: Comedians Who Can Be Dramatic
7/23/09 Classic Review: March of the Wooden Soldiers
7/22/09 A-List: Respectable Actors and Actresses Who Need Career Help
7/16/09 A-List: Movies for the Whole Family
7/9/09 Classic Movie Review: Bullitt
7/8/09 A-List: Comedies That Don’t Hold Up On Repeat Viewings
6/26/09 Classic Movie Review
6/25/09 A-List
6/19/09 A-List
6/11/09 A-List: Baseball Movies
6/5/09 Classic Movie Reviews: Mr. Hulot’s Holiday
6/3/09 A-List: Old Movies That Old Movie-Haters Will Love
5/28/09 A-List: Overrated Movies
5/22/09 Classic Movie Reviews: THX 1138
5/21/09 A-List: James Stewart
5/14/09 A-List: Movies Based on Books
5/8/09 Classic Movie Reviews: Gilda
5/7/09 A-List: Franchises
4/30/09 A-List: Comic Book Movies
4/24/09 Classic Movie Review: To Catch a Thief
4/23/09 A-List: Based on a True Story
4/10/09 Classic Movie Review: The Ten Commandments (1956)
4/9/09 A-List: Seth Rogen
4/2/09 A-List: Coming of Age Movies
3/26/09 A-List: Science Fiction
3/16/09 A-List: Julia Roberts
3/12/09 A-List: Walt Disney
3/5/09 A-List: Box Office Surprises
2/25/09 A-List: Steve Buscemi
2/22/09 Movie Review: Fanboys
2/11/09 Movie Review: Coraline
2/9/09 In Contention: Why did he/she win?
1/28/09 Movie Review: Let the Right One In
1/27/09 In Contention: The Screen Actors Guild Awards
1/26/09 In Contention: Oscar Nominations
1/14/09 In Contention: The Broadcast Film Critics Association
1/13/09 In Contention: The Producers Guild Awards
1/12/09 In Contention: The Golden Globe Awards
1/8/09 In Contention: The Screen Actors Guild Awards
1/6/09 In Contention: The Golden Globes
12/25/08 In Contention: Chicago Film Critics


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