Survivor: Game Changers

Episode 11: Reinventing How This Game is Played

By Jim Van Nest - BOP Game Changer

May 9, 2017

Keep smiling, Zeke.

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Hello, good people, and thank you for joining me one last time for Survivor: Game Changers! That's right. My three-week/four-episode stint recapping this season comes to an end tonight but have no fear, David and Kim will be back next week to try to right all of my wrongs of the last four recaps.

But, while I have the forum, I'm going to try to contaminate your brains into thinking like me this one last time. Let's see, where are we? Oh yeah - with the best vote of the season thus far, Officer Sarah flipped on her alliance and helped Aubry dump wackadoodle Debbie. This would seem to tip the balance of power over to the Cirie-Andrea-Aubry faction. But I'm not so sure that Sarah's flip to this side is going to last. We have a couple factors to consider. First is the Tony Vlachos factor. Sarah watched Tony win his season by flipping on alliances by night and apologizing for it by day. She may think she has the chops to pull this kind of game off. And considering she's flipped two consecutive weeks and is still the fulcrum tonight - maybe she does.


I mean, how hard would it be to come back to camp and pull Brad and Sheriff Dawn Thomas aside and tell them, "Look, Debbie was out there telling lies about me and I took the opportunity to get rid of her. This was very personal and now that she's gone, I'm ready to finish this thing with you guys. By the way, here's the vote stealer I'm going to use to guarantee our side comes out ahead at this potential 5-5 vote." The second factor we have is that Sarah jumped to a broken alliance. The "Andrea and Zeke Situation" is a time bomb waiting to explode. They managed to come together for one vote last week, but to think they'll be able to do it again is giving them way too much credit. Sarah could use her time in their alliance to come back to the other side and tell them, "Look, I know you're mad about Debbie, but while I was with them, I gathered this intel. Andrea and Zeke hate each other and we can exploit that. Let's take them all out and take this to the end. By the way, here's my vote stealer...yadda, yadda, yadda."

Either one of these things could happen, especially on a season where so many of these people are trying to prove they deserve to be called Game Changers. I think Sarah is a pretty smart player and could make this scenario work for her if she wants to. She could also just try to play it safe and take out either Brad or Sheriff Dawn tonight. Either way, with only three episodes left before the season finale, shit is about to get crazy as we whittle down from ten people to three. So, grab some popcorn, buckle up, and let's get to tonight's episode.

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