Survivor: Game Changers

Episode 11: Reinventing How This Game is Played

By Jim Van Nest - BOP Game Changer

May 9, 2017

Keep smiling, Zeke.

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Day 29 dawns and Zeke tells us that camp is eerily calm and that scares him. He and Sarah head to the watering hole to fill canteens. Sarah lays it out: first Sierra, then Andrea and then Tai. They want to bring in Troy and Brad. Zeke wants a final five deal with Sarah, Michaela, Brad and Troy. Sarah is on board for this, so Zeke sets out to bring in the guys. He tells them that he and Sarah want to work with them. He can't loop them in on this coming vote, but he swears they are safe and the new five can emerge after this Tribal. Brad likes the sound of this. He knows he's on the bottom and is happy to hear there's a door open to him. He says that it would really bother him to have to vote for Tai or Sierra, "...but make no mistake. I am here to win... the... game." There it is everyone - that's the Brad winner clip. If he holds on to win - that's the clip they'll play at the reunion. Mark it down. Oh, and with that...

It's time for a Probst Sighting! Today's challenge is a speed/agility challenge. They will have to stack dominoes (big dominoes) on a beam. As they move along the beam, they have to walk through a trip obstacle. If they bump the obstacle, the blocks will fall and they'll have to start over. It's a simple challenge...stack the dominoes so that when you knock the first one, they all fall down and the final domino hits a gong on the ground. While this is kind of a fun challenge to watch, it's boring as hell to recap. Brad bumps the rig and knocks everything down knocking him out of the challenge. Michaela is heading for her last domino when Andrea decides to give it a go... they tumble, they fall, and the last one hits the gong. Andrea wins individual immunity! We head to break, and Sierra knows she's at the bottom of the numbers and is terrified. Her hope is to make a move big enough to keep here there one more day.


With that in mind, I guess we'll start the game of "It's Anyone But Sierra" - but I'm not feeling that strongly that she's really the one who will go home here. We start with Andrea, who is now ten feet tall and bulletproof with that necklace. She wants to make a bigger move now. It's time to go after Zeke. And you know what? For her, this is probably the right move. But for Sarah, Michaela and Cirie, it doesn't make much sense. But she heads off to get Cirie anyway. Cirie is worried about Officer Sarah and not being able to get her on board with this plan. She agrees to try, but doesn't hold out a lot of hope.

Cirie has another idea in mind that involves Sierra and whoa, look at that. As if summoned, Sierra walks up to plead a case right at the same time Andrea and Cirie want to include her. She tells them she'll vote for whoever they want her to. She'll mark her vote with a star, or whatever it takes to stick around through this vote. As Sierra walks away, Sarah walks up. As she approaches, Cirie basically tells Andrea to let her handle it. Which is probably best. Of course, Andrea can't let that happen, so she goes right at Sarah with the plan to vote Zeke. Sarah tells us that she is definitely not down for it; she needs Zeke for a couple more votes. However, showing her evolution as a player, she tells us that she also knows she can't go scrambling around trying to save him. She has to play this cool and calm or she'll move the target off of Zeke onto herself. Sarah tells them she's good to go with that plan, but she's worried about what happens next, as she should be.

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