Survivor: Game Changers

Episode 11: Reinventing How This Game is Played

By Jim Van Nest - BOP Game Changer

May 9, 2017

Keep smiling, Zeke.

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We begin back at camp after the stunning blindside of Debbie. As everyone gathers around the fire, Sarah breaks the silence asking if anyone wants to know who flipped. She takes ownership of the move and invites anyone who wants an explanation to come talk to her about it. They ask why the group decided on Debbie, and Zeke tells them it was because Debbie was in charge. Zeke, Cirie, Andrea and Michaela all discuss how they're happy to be going forward with this group. Cirie, however, tells us that at this point in the game, it sounds good that everyone is locked in, but you have to always be paying attention and be ready to adapt to anything that may happen. People are sleeping on Cirie and that's just crazy. She's the best player in the game - has been since Sandra got voted out and no one is even thinking about coming for her. In about ten days, they're all going to be sitting on the jury trying to figure out how in the hell they let Cirie Fields, of all people, land in the final tribal.

We come back from break on Day 27 and we start the day with a Probst Sighting! Today's challenge is a repeat of a challenge from last season. They will be broken into two teams of five. On Jeff's go, one person will race over an obstacle course to a chair. The rest of the team will pull that person into the air to collect ten bags each containing a letter tile. They will do this three times, and once they have all 30 tiles, they will use all the letters to solve a word puzzle that reads "Reinventing How This Game Is Played." The winning team will be taken to a resort to get lots of food, cleaned up AND they will spend the night in an actual bed. Of everything on the list - the bed is what seems to get everyone excited.


Ultimately, the first part of the challenge doesn't matter. One team is ahead, then the other. After about an hour on the puzzle, no one has made any ground on solving it. At this point, Jeff keeps talking and is doing everything he can to give them hints to the puzzle. Out of nowhere, Andrea comes up with "Reinventing.” Once they create that word, it's only a matter of minutes before her team wins reward. Andrea, Zeke, Aubry, Brad and Sarah will have this amazing reward at the luxury spa. Everyone else - got nothing for ya. As we head to break, Brad can't believe his luck in winning this reward and going with the exact people he needs to make inroads with. #Win-Win

As we rejoin the program, we see the winners' chopper heading to the resort for the reward. Sarah is stoked for the reward. She's never been on a helicopter before and she has a window seat and everything. They land and are greeted with drinks and food. There is much rejoicing. As they eat, Brad and Zeke start to talk football. As we remember from last season, Zeke is a HUGE football nut and Brad is an NFL player. So, it's an easy thing for them to bond over. Of course, this is yet another reason for Andrea to decide he has to go. Isn't it interesting that when someone is on your radar, a good game move will be seen as a terrible game move? Yeah, that's what's happening here.

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