Survivor: Game Changers

Episode 11: Reinventing How This Game is Played

By Jim Van Nest - BOP Game Changer

May 9, 2017

Keep smiling, Zeke.

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Andrea takes her plea to Aubry and Michaela next. Aubry is down to make a move on Zeke. She thinks he's smart and calculating, and he's definitely the kind of person you need to get before he gets you. Michaela is not so quick to jump on board with this plan. She tells them that as long as she can trust everyone, she could be down. But she tells us that her people don't seem to realize that by leaving four people on the bottom, all they need is one person to flip to have the numbers the rest of the way through the game.

We see Zeke and Michaela talking in camp and she is asking him if there's any funny stuff going on. She tells us that she trusts Zeke and doesn't want to vote him out just yet. So, she and Sarah get together and both discuss that they don't think this is a good move. They comment that their new group hasn't even made it through one vote together yet. As the tribe heads to Tribal, Sarah is weighing her options. She and Michaela both are scared of the 5-4 number that results from a Zeke vote here. However, with Andrea refusing to budge on this, it's really a line in the sand for her. And if she (or she and Michaela) decide not to vote Zeke that puts a big target on them. So, for the third week in a row, Sarah finds herself in the decision-maker spot at Tribal. If this is coming across to the jury, she could be setting herself up nicely for a final tribal.

Jeff begins Tribal with Sarah and asks her what happened at camp after Tribal. She tells him about owning up to flipping on the alliance of six - which garners a bird flip from Debbie on the jury. But she's not bitter. Nope, no way. Okay, well, Sarah doesn't have that vote. Brad, Sierra and Tai all talk about being on the bottom. Sierra is really nervous. Brad, not so much. Tai says that for the first time in two seasons, he feels like he might be going home. Zeke and Andrea both speak to how they're hoping the new six will stick together, but you never know. It's a far cry from the confidence shown last week.


Andrea also mentions that this is much different than what she's used to in this game. Of course, that's because she's from the Boston Rob school of Survivor. You lock in your alliance. You don't waiver from it. You don't talk to anyone else. You always have a "buddy" and you're just locked in from beginning to end. It's what made Redemption Island such a yawner of a season. Rob had his alliance on lock, so Andrea feels like that is just how it's supposed to be. The problem is that they're missing the Rob piece of that alliance.

Michaela and Zeke both discuss how making the simple move here is the best way to go. Zeke says the game is all about timing and the right time to make a move and right now is not the time. The numbers are just too close. Jeff asks Sierra what it was like to be on the bottom now. She says she pled her case to people and that she reminded them that she is a vote they can use. Her hands are tied and she's happy to follow whoever wants to lead her. Sarah and Michaela both speak to the bottom people trying to sell themselves. Sarah suggests that anyone trying to save themselves is going to make a solid argument to keep them around. Michaela admits that she'll listen to anyone's plea, but at the end of it all, she has to turn her heart down and make the move that is the best for her to move forward in the game. It is time to vote.

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