Survivor: Game Changers

Episode 11: Reinventing How This Game is Played

By Jim Van Nest - BOP Game Changer

May 9, 2017

Keep smiling, Zeke.

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To his credit, the Brad Culpepper transformation is almost complete. Aubry asks Zeke, "Did you ever think you'd be sitting here with Brad Culpepper?" Without a second's hesitation, Brad shoots out, "Dreams do come true." It's something small, but it's very indicative of the turnaround Brad has had on this season. If anyone has come into this game with a new view or strategy and is playing it out, it's Brad Culpepper. He learned from his mistakes and has vastly improved his performance. Good on ya, Brad!

The next morning dawns on those back at camp and morale is super low. Sierra is devastated that they didn't get to eat and she's still worrying about what to do now that the numbers are against her. Troy and Tai have a weird discussion where they agree to have each other's back and then they talk about whether or not there might be an idol hidden out there. Of course, between the two of them, they have three idols. It's interesting to watch them both dance around the conversation.


About this time, everyone from the reward comes back to camp. Aubry tells us that she's concerned about the Brad/Zeke bonding time on the reward. Andrea and Cirie discuss the possibility of voting out Zeke as well. Cirie tells us that she's concerned that Zeke is the smartest person out there and that makes him dangerous. She also tells us that Officer Sarah will be a huge piece of this and she seems to have a tight bond with Zeke. So she'll have to deal with Officer Sarah very carefully or they could have a backlash on their hands. And on cue, we see Cirie and Sarah get a minute alone. Cirie asks her what she would think about moving on Zeke. Sarah is definitely not receptive to it. She tells Cirie that she has a plan for Zeke. She then tells us that Zeke is her closest ally and she doesn't want to vote him out, so she needs to get Cirie to target someone else while still staying together. She decides to tell Cirie about the vote stealer as a way to lock her in and possibly save Zeke.

Cirie sees the point Sarah is making and realizes that it is a solid plan. I'm not 100% sure she's on board with it, but to her credit, she tells Sarah that she is. By the time they're done talking, Cirie has confirmed that they're back to the original plan of voting out Sierra. Sarah tells us that she has placed herself right in the middle again and she could just as easily flip back to Brad, Sierra, Troy and Tai. She's going to wait to see how everything unfolds and then make her decision. She is really playing the ultimate risk/reward game right now...again, shades of Tony. Being in the middle, while kinda cool in that you can choose your side, is SO dangerous because eventually, the rest of the people are going to force you to pick a side or go home. Tread lightly, Officer Sarah.

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