Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen Xers

Episode 9 - Still Throwin' Punches

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

November 22, 2016

Just. No.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X! We enter our ninth episode of this season of Survivor and I'm wondering where all the women went? This season started out with an even 10-10 man-woman split. After eight votes, seven women have been dispatched, while only Paul was dumped from the men's side of the ledger. I'm not sure this has been on purpose, but it is a bit curious. And oddly enough, I'm not sure the cast is even aware of it. Nor do they seem to be aware that the dismissal of Michelle last week knocked the original tribes even again - with six Millennials and six Gen Xers remaining.

What we've seen this season - more than most, I think - is that the original tribes don't mean a whole lot to this group. They seem to have latched on to their swapped tribe a little more. As it stands right now, we have a massive majority alliance of nine and the second coming of the Three Amigos in the minority. The majority alliance, though, seems to have two factions. There's the David, Zeke and Chris faction - which has ties to Bret and Sunday as well as Adam and Hannah. Then there's the Ken and Jessica faction, which has ties to Adam and Hannah as well as ties to David. It's hard to say how this gigantic group will move forward, but one thing's for sure: Jay, Taylor and Will are in trouble. And if we're to believe the previews, Taylor is going to continue his quest to exact revenge on Adam for sending his island girlfriend - to distinguish between his actual girlfriend at home - on the pre-jury vacation.


I'm wondering if the decisive vote to take out Michelle next week will even register with Taylor that he and his bros are in trouble. I guarantee Will and Jay are thinking about it. They have to know what kind of position they're in and are probably marveling at the way this game can change on a dime. Just a couple days ago, they sent Michaela home and were kings of the island. And with one merge and one vote, their fortunes have changed and tonight they could be fighting for their lives in this game. Ah, those fickle Survivor Gods!

We begin tonight's episode at camp after the vote and Jay is distraught about how the vote went. He is especially pissed with the millennials that joined up with Gen X to vote out Michelle. Chris, on the other hand was very pleased with how the voting went. He still doesn't feel very confident about Adam, but at this point, does it even matter? As Taylor and Jay try to figure out what happened, Taylor decides he should probably talk to Adam to see where they stand, so Adam doesn't blow up his food hoarding. At the same time, he decides that he should probably rat out Adam's advantage in the game. Cut to a scene of Taylor enjoying his food stash and I have to wonder, was there really nothing else of interest going on surrounding this episode that we can waste two minutes of show time on Taylor eating??

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